Swapping with Michele Hauf

Michele Hauf and I are swapping blog posts today. She’s here at Alive & Knitting, and I’m over at her blog, Bite Club.

Here’s the permalink to my post over there.

Michele is a writer I encounter all over the internet – our virtual paths cross frequently plus we seem to have a lot of readers in common. We also both have written historicals, paranormals, paranormal historicals, romances with fallen angel heroes and romances with shapeshifter heroes. Strangely enough, we both sold our first books at roughly the same time. And we have never met in person. There you go. It’s a small world all the same.

Today we agreed that we’re not going to talk about writing.

So, without further ado, here’s Michele!


Thanks to Deborah for inviting me here today!  I’m so not going to talk about writing, because, well, it’s my job.  I do it every day, all day.  I love it.  But sometimes I need to not eat, breathe, and sleep it.  Or talk about it.

Everyone needs a good hobby.  I love to putz about in my garden, try new recipes, and I started riding bike with the hubby this summer.  Also, I have a different outlet for my creativity that involves black lines on paper and lots of colored markers.  I confess: I’m a coloring addict.

It started over a decade ago after I bought one of those Dover coloring books that featured fashions from the Renaissance.  I thought I was doing research. Instead, I fell in love with coloring all over again. It had been a while since I’d picked up a wax crayon and filled in the lines.  I do it all the time now, but instead with bright markers.  It’s my escape from the daily hassle, a way to zone out and get lost in the colors.  I can seriously fall in love with a color for a day or two.  Celadon, anyone?

I now have over 150 coloring books, mostly the Dover and Bellarophon kind (I don’t do the kiddie Pooh or Barbie books).  I really love the design books that are intricate and feature elaborate creations that can take days to completely fill in.  The fashion books are another weakness.  I love to use gold and silver gel pens to add a touch of shine as well (the paper doll dress featured is mostly silver, though it doesn’t show well on the scan).

When I’m finished I get such satisfaction.  Sort of want to tear it out and hang it on the fridge.  I made that! But instead, I go to Amazon and upload the pics on that book page.  If you want to view my colored pages, go HERE.

I also started a blog on coloring.  Occasionally I’ll upload a picture or two from a coloring book that I recommend with buy links.  I want to hook a few more coloring addicts on my obsession.

And since I like to make lists, I have a list of the various coloring books you can order from Amazon by genre (on the sidebar at my blog).  But I warn you, once you color that first page, you may develop an addiction.  😉

So tell me, what’s your hobby?  Have you picked up a coloring book since childhood?  If so, do you prefer markers or colored pencils or some other medium?  I love to talk coloring!


Just in case you are interested in my writing, you can learn more about my books at: michelehauf.com, find me at Facebook and Twitter, both under ‘michelehauf’

Psst – here’s Michele’s current release. Angels! Woo HOO!


3 thoughts on “Swapping with Michele Hauf

  1. Hi Michele i have read and really enjoyed some of your novels.
    Wow a coloring addict that’s an interesting hobby.
    My hobby is reading, any fictional tale but especially the kind that you and Deb write.
    Thanks for visiting


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