Fresh Fiction Review of DARKFIRE KISS

Here’s Tanzey’s review of Rafferty’s book, which is on the Fresh Fiction site, right HERE.

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“9780451233493 – DARKFIRE KISS (Dragonfire) – Deborah Cooke – Tanzey, Fresh
Not only does Rafferty finally get his firestorm, but it is accompanied by the legendary darkfire.

Rafferty Powell is the most romantic of the dragon shape-shifting Pyr, yet he has waited the longest for his “firestorm” to occur. When it finally comes, on the cusp of a lunar eclipse, there are added complications involving the intense “darkfire,” which has been released by the evil Slayer dragon Chen. And does the darkfire mean the hidden one, the Sleeper, could possibly be awakened? Added to this already volatile mix of emotions for Rafferty is having to deal with his arch-enemy, the seemingly indestructible Slayer Magnus Montmorency. Rafferty is tired of the unfinished business between them, and since they’ve exchanged challenge coins, it now means a fight to the death.

Investigative reporter Melissa Smith is struggling with the brutal murder of a dear friend and knows exactly who’s responsible – Magnus Montmorency. She resolves to bring to light the truth of his nefarious deeds using info contained in a certain blue book he keeps hidden in his home. But her little B&E escapade does not go as planned – and the rage of one very vicious dragon could be her downfall.

When Rafferty’s firestorm brings him to Magnus’ home, he is shocked at what he finds. Not only is his chosen mate a thief, but she’s incurred the wrath of Magnus. Finding that Melissa is just as determined as Rafferty is to cause Magnus’ downfall forges an even stronger bond between them, one that will test both of them to the limit. It is foretold in Pyr mythology that the darkfire will reveal itself in the midst of a major struggle for the dragon empire, and everything will be changed and remade anew.

I was not able to put this book down until I read it , start to finish, with the pages flying. The dragons, both good and bad, are put to the test, as are their loved ones and enemies. And the final resolution is nothing short of brilliant! This series has continually improved with the development of each new plot twist and character addition. Deborah Cooke is to be commended on her fantastic imagery and world-building talent. Another book not to be missed!”

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  1. This one sounds absolutely delicious. And we still have something like six weeks to wait for its release. (Although Amazon already recommends it to me every time I visit.)


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