Website Renovations

It had to be done, and (finally) it’s pretty much finished. Go have a peek, and let me know if you find any areas of plaster that I didn’t paint, or nails that are sticking out of the trim – or links that don’t work.

Claire Cross website

Claire Delacroix website – with lots of new pages.

Phew! I’m clicked out – but website maintenance is more fun than filing. :-/

5 thoughts on “Website Renovations

    • HI Diana –

      No, it just went to moderation, probably because you’re “known” in these parts! I have a ref to the hex colours, so will leave your similar post without the link, which did post right away.



  1. Thanks Diana for your comments.

    I had to rebuild the Cross site, so did it just as it was. It was done maybe five years ago, in colours to echo the ChickLit packaging of the Coxwell books. As I’m not sure how long it will survive, I didn’t want to completely redesign it.

    As you’ve noticed, I’m rereleasing the time travels as “Claire Delacroix writing as Claire Cross”. I think they fit better with the Delacroix historicals, although some confusion is inevitable in merging the two names. I never liked having tt’s and contemporaries under the same name, as I felt they were quite different from each other – and likely appealed to different readers.

    I’ll go through the site again this week. I’ve probably missed some links and headers, so will fix that up. There may be other ways to streamline, as well. Thanks!



  2. Glad to help!
    Let me know when you are ready and I will gladly be a mad-clicking link checker for you :-}
    I just re-read ‘All or Nothing’ a few nights ago.
    It still stands up as a favorite (And I still get all weepy by page 7 LOL)


    • Thanks Diana –

      I love that series too. 🙂

      I have a new idea, btw, that I’ll make the Cross and Delacroix sites look the same – with the navy – so moving between the urls won’t be so distracting.

      Files to finish first.



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