TAW Week #4 Check-In

It amazes me how quickly this program seems to move. Time flies even faster than I realize. Already, I’m at week #4, which is one third of the way through the program.

I remain challenged by the weekly Artist Date. I either do a bunch of Artist Dates in a row, or none at all. One per week appears to be too disciplined for me, but I’m working on it. The daily walk and the daily morning pages are easy.

I felt due for some play time last week and took a few days away from the glowing screen. I canned my peaches for the year, which is always very satisfying. It was exciting to fire up the computer yesterday (did it also enjoy the break? Ha!) and get back to writing again. The break made everything seem fresher to me, which can’t be a bad thing.

I’ve also been playing around with my work schedule over the past couple of weeks, and trying alternative time slots. I’ve been trying to work on two projects simultaneously – a persistent challenge, and that I’ve yet to master. It feels like a riddle to me, one that has an answer that I just have to find.

Overall, this trip through TAW seems to be about re-examining assumptions for me, and playing with new strategies.

How about you?