Rosamunde is Available

That sounds funny, doesn’t it?

But the fact remains that the MAMMOTH BOOK OF IRISH ROMANCE is available for sale, and within that anthology is my short story “The Ballad of Rosamunde”, which tells of Rosamunde’s escape from Faerie (where I shamelessly abandoned her in THE ROSE RED BRIDE) and her H.E.A.

I haven’t seen the book or the final version of the story yet. (It was edited again after I saw it, to fit the allotted space, which is always a bit worrisome.) I like the story, though, and was happy to have the chance to let all of you know about Rosamunde’s H.E.A. Finally. No more leaving characters trapped in Faerie for me!

Here’s a link to the previously posted cover art and buy-it-now links.