The Medieval Chronicle

Once upon a time, there was a publication for readers and writers called The Medieval Chronicle. It was published by the very charming Linda Abel, who I met right after selling my first book.

(That was the Romantic Times conference in Savannah, Georgia in the spring of 1992. The theme was “Gone With the Wind”, so there were writers and readers swirling around the hotel in their best Scarlet O’Hara gear, all hoop skirts and crinolines and fluttering fans. It was also the weekend that the verdict was pronounced in the Rodney King trial. I wasn’t staying at the conference hotel and remember leaving the conference to travel through quiet Savannah streets – such a pretty town! – to watch the reactions to the verdict in Atlanta and Los Angeles on CNN. It was a surreal conference experience to say the least.)

I subsequently wrote several articles for Linda’s publication, and was saddened when she ceased publication. Well, lo and behold, the Medieval Chronicle has been relaunched by Linda as a website. The first issue will be out in September, but she has the site open for visitors now – go have a peek.

3 thoughts on “The Medieval Chronicle

  1. Go, Linda, go!

    As I mentioned privately, it was always your passion that made TMC stand apart. It will do so again, no matter what the media.



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