We have two winners so far.

PATTI won the copy of KISS OF FIRE at the chat at RWAOL on Wednesday night.

And BETH won the copy of KISS OF FIRE from yesterday’s draw right here. Mr. C. liked that she was so quick to enter!

No word yet from The Good The Bad and The Unread blog, but prizes there often take a bit longer to be drawn. I’ll let you know when there’s a winner.

Edited to Add – Stay Tuned! I’m thinking we’ll have another contest next week… 

2 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Most Prizes will be posted up Saturday and Sunday… at least for the Valenduckie Guest Author stuff.

    Sabrina Jeffries plays Story Cupid aka our Round Robin will hopefully come to a close today *g*. And we will be giving out four copies of Let Sleeping Rogues Lie (releasing 19 Feb 08).

    Valenduckie: *Contest* Mission imPossible: Valentine’s Day Weirdness Ends tonight @ Midnight and will be announced Sunday.

    Purple Prose Contest might stay open till Sunday night… need to see how it goes today.

    OH and there just might be a few more random prizes given for random things cuz duckies do so lurve randomness 😉


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