Dragonfire Interview

Actually, it’s an interview with me about the Dragonfire series. It’s at PNR and it’s live right here.

Dee’s Paraphenalia column is dragon-themed this month, so you’ll find lots of other dragon stuff there too. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Dragonfire Interview

  1. Hi Debroah,
    Just a quick note to say that I’m looking forward to reading your Dragon series. I smiled to myself when I saw your blog included knitting.
    If only I had four arms, one to hold the book, one to type one fingered on the net and the other two to knit ot croche.
    Anyway all the best
    Sydney Australia


  2. Great interview!
    I’ve recently shifted gears (again) and started just writing characters. All characters all the time.. and the story is blossoming and I’m having fun :-} I nab those tendrils of story from my my daily writing and mold them into a sketchy outline as they appear. Plotzing, I guess. Sort of like pantsing but building a construction framework as I go.
    When I tried to start with plot, I felt like I was playing dress up with paper dolls, and just jumping the people from point to point (and it was boring for me).
    I have Kiss of Fire on pre-order… February can’t come quickly enough for me!


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