The Moonstone, a time travel romance by Claire DelacroixDear Reader –

The Moonstone was one of four of my books that were published by Berkley under my pseudonym Claire Cross. All of these books are romantic comedies with paranormal elements – although they are technically not all time travels, I think of them as such because the hero and heroine in each story do come from different times. These books were just fun to write and I really enjoyed reading this one again. I’d forgotten how much I liked Niall and Viviane.

I decided to republish these books as Claire Delacroix titles, because it seemed to me that these four time travel romances have a lot in common with my Claire Delacroix medievals. It seemed that the same readers might enjoy both.

The other four books I published under my Claire Cross pseudonym are different – they are either contemporary romances or mainstream books with romantic elements, depending who you ask. Those books – the Coxwell Series – will be re-published this year as well. Look for Third Time Lucky, Double Trouble, One More Time and All or Nothing in new digital and print editions, beginning this summer.

As Claire Delacroix, I’ve returned to medieval Scotland again, which has always been one of my favorite haunts. I’ve picked up the story begun in the Jewels of Kinfairlie and am telling the stories of the other siblings in that big family. The new four book series is called The True Love Brides, and the first historical romance in that series is The Renegade’s Heart. It will be published in May 2012.

As with my other re-releases, though, I have resisted the temptation to revise The Moonstone – this edition is essentially the same as the original print edition. I fixed a few typos and that was about it.

I hope that you enjoy Niall and Vivianne’s story as much as I do.

Until next time, I hope you are well and have plenty of good books to read.

All my best –

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