The Last Highlander for 99 cents!

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire DelacroixMy Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy, The Last Highlander, is on sale in US, UK, CA and AU for just 99 cents, now through November 9.

I love this story, which features an American illustrator looking for inspiration on her Scottish vacation, and the highlander who tumbles through time to land at her feet. Alasdair is convinced that only Morgan can help him return home and is determined to charm her into helping him. He’s pretty persuasive. 🙂

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Review of The Last Highlander

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire DelacroixI don’t usually post on Saturday, but Eileen’s review is worthy of an exception.

She’s posted a five-star review of The Last Highlander on her site, BookTalk with Eileen, and it’s a rave. Here’s a good bit:

“I’m partial to time travel.  I mean, after all, what is better than experiencing the real thing instead of reading about it in history books?  Author Claire Delacroix made it very enjoyable plenty of comical situations and many moments where I related to the anguish of the main characters, eyes brimming with tears or laughing out loud to the reactions of the hero of the hour, Alasdair MacAuley.  It is so much fun seeing the 20th century in the eyes of someone from centuries before…

Need I say more about this wonderful read?  It’s funny, at the same time the story will clench your heart.  Will love win out in the end?

This is a five-star review.  I highly recommend Claire Delacroix’s books, whether time travel, historical romance or fantasy.  She will surely entertain!”

You can read the entire review on Eileen’s blog here.

🙂 I’m so pleased. I just love Alasdair and Morgan’s story, and it’s so wonderful when someone else loves that book, too. Eileen has made my weekend – maybe even my month! Thank you, Eileen!

New Editions

This year, I’m doing a big update to my book files, in both digital and print formats. I promised to keep you up to date on my progress, so here’s an update.

The Rose Red Bride, book #2 in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixThere are new versions uploaded to all portals of The Jewels of Kinfairlie series. You can easily identify the new versions because the books have new covers.

They were published in July, so have perked through everywhere. The last update was made to Overdrive last week, and the changes are live there, as well.

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire DelacroixThere are also new versions published of my time travel romances. In addition to having updated end matter and reader letters, these books have had another editorial pass. Please download the new editions!

You can tell them from the previous editions because they now have only one excerpt at the end. (The last edition had two excerpts at the end of each book.) Also, for the Amazon editions, the clickable Table of Contents has been moved to the front of the digital book. The print editions are updated as well and available through Ingrams. These books had been in KDP Select earlier this year—they’re now available in wide distribution, including Overdrive for libraries.

Next up: The Coxwells, which are getting an update, and The Prometheus Project, which are getting new covers and an update, too.

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set on Sale

The Time Travel Romance Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

My Time Travel Romance Boxed Set is in a Kindle Countdown deal right now. It’s available for 99 cents at in the US, just until Sunday.


This digital boxed set includes four time travel romances and romantic comedies.

In Once Upon a Kiss, a practical businessman discovers a sleeping beauty on his newly acquired Scottish property: not only does Aurelia complicate the renovation of Baird’s newest boutique hotel, but she thaws his heart and threatens to claim it forever.

In The Last Highlander, an illustrator’s research trip to Scotland takes a turn for romance when a handsome rogue of a 13th century Highlander insists that only she can send him home again and vows to whatever is necessary to win her favor. Soon Morgan finds herself torn between helping Alasdair and wanting to keep him forever.

In The Moonstone, a medieval knight allows a pretty condemned witch to make one last wish, never imagining that her sorcery will work. She drops her magical charm, and as a man of honor, he can only pursue her and ensure justice, wherever she has fled. But when Niall finds Vivian in a world filled with possibilities and passion, will he be able to resist the temptation to stay?

In Love Potion #9, a divorced father getting his life on track again finds intriguing complication with his beautiful and passionate new neighbor, a fortuneteller convinced they have a second chance at destined love. Mitch soon wishes that Lilith is right, but then her reincarnated lover really returns.

Four magical stories of love conquering the barrier of time!

Buy signed trade paperback copies of Claire’s four time travel romances.

Currently available only at Amazon.
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Echoes of Destiny

I’m part of a new boxed set of time travel romances, which is now available at Amazon. It’s just $1.99 and includes TWELVE time travel romances – if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!

Echoes of Destiny Time Travel Romance Boxed SetEchoes of Destiny includes 12 time travel romances:
• RISE OF A LEGEND by Amy Jarecki


• SOME LIKE IT KILTED by Allie Mackay

• SEDUCED by Tarah Scott

• YELLOWSTONE: HEARTSONG by Peggy L. Henderson


• THE LAST HIGHLANDER by Claire Delacroix



• SHE OWNS THE KNIGHT by Diane Darcy

• FOR ALL OF EVER by Sherry Ewing


Do you have your copy yet? 🙂