New Cover for FALLEN

Remember I told you that the rights for my Prometheus Project had reverted to me? You might also remember that I plan to republish this trilogy plus Tupperman’s book in October of this year. These books are what’s come to be called urban fantasy romance, although that category didn’t exist when they were published. They are hybrid genre books, which makes them tough to package because there can end up being so many details on the cover that no clear message is sent. So, it’s been fun to talk about covers with both the artist Kim Killion, and my friend, astro-Jen (who is really good at this stuff).

And this week, we have eye candy. Here’s the new cover for FALLEN:

Fallen, an urban fantasy romance by Claire Delacroix

I just love this. You can see the cover larger on my site, and read the excerpt, as well – right here.