Mid-Month Celebration

It’s the middle of May, which seems like the perfect time to celebrate Thorolf’s day. I have lots of lovely reader swag for Serpent’s Kiss, prepared for conferences I’ll be attending. Not all of us get to conferences, though, so let’s celebrate Thorolf’s Day by giving away some goodies right here on the blog.

Mid May Reader Prize for Serpent's Kiss by Deborah CookeTo be won by a lucky reader, including:
• a Serpent’s Kiss tote bag
• a pair of Thorolf earrings, custom-made by Aunt Matilda’s Jewelry.
• 3 Dragonfire temporary tattoos
• a signed trade paperback copy of Serpent’s Kiss.

All you have to do is comment on this post for a chance to win. Tell me why I should choose you. 🙂 (Remember that if you haven’t commented on my blog before, your comment will be queued for moderation. It’s not gone; just waiting.) As usual, this contest is open internationally. I’ll choose a winner in one week, on May 22.

Good luck!


Dragonfire Tattoos Are Here!

Look what arrived this morning! (Of course, I had to try one out.)dragonfiretattoo

This is a Dragonfire temporary tattoo. I’m happy to mail two to everyone who’d like one – one to test and one for a big event, or one to keep and one to share. Just comment on this post please but don’t include your mailing info. I’ll send you an email privately to get that from you.

New Swag – Dragonfire Temporary Tattoos

One of the things that blew me away at the Coastal Magic Readers’ Conference was all the great swag for readers. I always do postcards, of course, and I have bookplates available, but I realized that I was way behind the game in terms of swag.

And so, I’ve been fixing that.

First off, there’s a new page on the site here, which lists all the available swag, with appropriate links. I added a link for Tony Mauro’s site: he’s the artist who did the illustrations for the first 8 Dragonfire covers, and he sells prints of those illustrations from his site. Look up: it’s on the About Deborah drop-down menu. Or today, you can just click this link to get there from here. 🙂

Next, I added more swag.

The first addition is a Dragonfire temporary tattoo. Amanda Carlson had some at CMRC (with the crescent moon from her Jessica McClain series) and I thought they were so cool. She graciously told me where she’d ordered them, and I set my designer to work. They’re in production right now, but here’s what they look like – the gold is supposed to be your skin, and the dotted line won’t appear on the tattoo:

Dragonfire Temporary Tattoo

When they arrive, I’ll let you know. I’ll mail these out just like postcards to those of you who’d like some. 🙂

There’s more on the way, so I show you pix when the box arrives. 🙂