Just One Silver Fox

Flatiron Five Fitness continues! You’ll meet Jacquie (aka Jax), the human resources manager at the club, in Just One Fake Date. I loved this character as soon as she stepped onto the page. Cassie called her “the original woman of few words and F5F’s kickboxing queen”. Cassie also admitted she wanted to be Jax when she grew up. That made me curious about Jax’s story.

This is the working copy:

Just One Silver Fox, book six of Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeJacquie Morgan is an open book…
Married young and widowed soon after, Jacquie can’t remember a time that she wasn’t defending and protecting someone. When her baby goes to college and her nest is empty, she decides to indulge herself. Attending the F5F Valentine’s Day “come disguised as your favorite superhero” party seems like the perfect solution—but the better one is taking “Superman” home for the night, knowing exactly who is behind the mask.

Pierce Aston has a hidden past…
It’s a history he’d rather forget, so Pierce is building himself a new life, with no commitments or responsibilities. F5F club provides a perfect place to find his new balance, with the bonus opportunity to admire kickboxing queen and human resources manager, Jacquie. Going to a party in disguise is right in his toolbox, as is a covert mission for seduction—but being with Jacquie is far more addictive than Pierce expects. When she decides to help him by unravelling his secrets, will Pierce be able to deny his perceptive new lover, even to defend those he is sworn to protect?

Coming January 26, 2021

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