Wyvern’s Angel

Wyvern's Angel, book #9 of the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeWyvern’s Angel has been published!

I was a little late with this one, but the book is available now. Phew!

Wyvern’s Angel is book #9 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shifter princesses from space. Bond, the hero of this one, is a fallen angel with a taste for the pleasures of the material world, while Percipia doesn’t have a lot of patience for savoring. I like these two together and how they shift each other’s assumptions. 🙂

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The print mini-book will be available once Nimue’s Gift is published.

The Dragons of Incendium: The First Collection TODAY!

It’s release day for the collection!

The Dragons of Incendium: The First Collection including the first six works in Deborah Cooke's paranormal romance series

The Dragons of Incendium: The First Collection

Once, in the Kingdom of Incendium, there were twelve princesses of the realm, each a dragon shifter. Each fiery and passionate. Each possessed of an appetite for pleasure that only her destined mate can satisfy. Twelve men are expected in Incendium, each with special powers of his own, each with the gift to claim one dragon princess’s heart forever.

In Wyvern’s Mate, Drakina intends to fulfill her obligation as the oldest daughter by seducing her destined mate and winning her freedom. Troy’s lovemaking leaves Drakina hungry for more, until she discovers that he’s an assassin and she’s his intended victim. Will his MindBending powers condemn him in the fiery princess’s view or see him saved?

In Wyvern’s Prince, Gemma agrees to an arranged marriage with the crown prince of Regalia, to build an alliance between the two kingdoms. She expects duty, not love, but finds both when her new husband’s discredited twin brother proves to be her destined mate—but Venero has been enchanted. Can Gemma break the spell cast upon her prince or will she share his fate?

In Wyvern’s Warrior, Thalina intercepts an intruder in Incendium’s palace, allowing herself to be taken captive to learn his plan. To her delight, Acion is a highly developed android and she wants nothing more than to study him thoroughly, especially his amorous abilities—but Acion’s presence on Incendium violates the law. Will he be exterminated before Thalina satisfies her curiosity?

This bundle includes the first three romances in the Dragons of Incendium series, as well as three short stories linked to the series: Nero’s Dream, Arista’s Legacy, and Kraw’s Secret.

Available in digital and trade paperback format.

Available today!

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May Signed Book Giveaway

Last month’s signed book giveaway was for a copy of The Warrior, and the winner could choose which version she/he liked best. Our winner was Judy Miles and she chose the new edition of The Warrior as her prize. Congrats to Judy!

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThis month, I think we need to show the dragons some love!

Our prize book this month is a signed print copy of Wyvern’s Mate, the first book in my Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances.  this is the mini-book edition—it’s about the size of a mass market paperback—and it includes both Wyvern’s Mate and the short story Nero’s Dream.

Because this was a new format for me to use, there are some pictures of this book in this blog post.

For your chance to win, please comment on this post and tell me why you’d like to be a dragon shifter. Good luck!

Edited to add – this month’s winner is Leasa Gowitt. Congrats, Leasa, and thanks to everyone who entered. Please check the June book giveaway. 🙂

Kraw’s Secret

The next story in the Dragons of Incendium series is available! Kraw’s Secret is a short story, which should be read after Wyvern’s Warrior. It’s #3.5 in the series.

Kraw's Secret, a short story and #3.5 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeViceroy Kraw is invited to witness whatever prediction the ShadowCaster has brought to Incendium, along with King Ouros and Queen Ignita. Although the royal couple can make little sense of the vision shown by the strange creature, Kraw knows his family’s ancient betrayal has to finally be revealed to the dragon kings. Will the fury of Ouros be as fierce as Kraw fears? What will be the future of the viceroy?

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