Medieval Romance Sampler

Knights and Rogues of Medieval Romance by Claire DelacroixHere’s the first of a number of fun things I have planned for the online store. This free download includes long samples of five different medieval romances of mine, each the first book in a series. Read the first three chapters for free, and decide which series you want to read first.

It will get a new cover in the next few days but the content will stay the same.

You can download Knights & Rogues free from my online store, in EPUB or in MOBI.

Psssst – there’s a new page here on the site, under the About Deborah tab, called Samplers.

The Crusader’s Heart EPUB Excerpt

The Crusader's Heart by Claire Delacroix, a medieval romance and #2 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series.The free EPUB sample of The Crusader’s Heart is now available for download in my Selz store. I’m trying a longer excerpt this time – this one is the first two chapters. Wulfe and Christina’s book is the second in my new series of medieval romances and will be published in October.

You can download it right here.

The same sample is also available directly from Kobo and iBooks.



Do you read excerpts before deciding to buy books?

If so, where do you read them? On the author’s website? Or on the portal where you’re shopping? Do you prefer to read them on an author website than to download samples, or the other way around?

I’m trying to decide whether to add excerpts to the book pages here on the evolving amalgamated website. It’s not that much trouble to do so—it’ll just take time to do it for 50 books—but I don’t think it looks as elegant as would be ideal. OTOH, if a taste of the book helps you decide whether you want more, I’m happy to add them. It is easy to read text with this theme.

Let me know what you think. 🙂