Frogging It

When knitters unravel a piece of knitting, they say they’re “frogging” it. That’s because “rip it rip it” is the sound a frog makes.

Yes, it’s silly but it’s fun.

Another verb for the same process is “tinking”. If you spelling “knit” backwards, you get “tink”, so knitting in reverse is tinking.

Last night, I decided to frog the sleeves of a sweater, but I took a picture of it first to show you why. It’s knit in Rowan Big Wool, in a pattern called Barista. I had some Big Wool in the Wild Berry colourway, which I’d bought for a boxy jacket. I knit that jacket and frogged it when I didn’t wear it.

Because the yarn is thick, ripping it back and reknitting it isn’t that painful. There won’t be a mourning period—in fact, by the time you read this, I’ll probably have reknit most of what I pulled back.

Here’s what the sweater looked like yesterday afternoon:

Barista in Rowan Big Wool knit by Deborah Cooke

It has a great stitch pattern and I really like how it was knitting up. I also love the colour of this yarn. But….I had a funny feeling, so I knit the side seams and basted the sleeve to the underarm, tied the shoulders and tried it on. My funny feeling was right. The body is wide for me, even though I knit my size and got gauge. It has more ease than I expected, but I’m going to leave it. I had wondered while knitting it whether I should make it longer, and I did make it a little bit longer. The length is perfect. The sleeve, though, is quite snug. I like to push up my sleeves, so I need a little more ease in them.

Of course, I was knitting both sleeves at once. :-/

But, rip it rip it. I frogged the sleeves and cast them on again with four more stitches each. I’m excited about this sweater, though, and am charging ahead to get it done. The days are cooler and it should be the perfect weather for this sweater soon. If all goes well, I should finish it up this weekend!