Well, this is a very happy post to be sharing with you all. The rights to Kiss of Fire, the first book in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances, have now reverted to me. This means that the rights to ALL of the books that I sold to New York publishers are now back in my possession. (Yay!)

This also means that Dragonfire can be republished in new editions this year.

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeSo, how does this work? The digital edition of Kiss of Fire has already been removed from digital portals. The house will continue to sell their remaining copies of the mass market editions, until they are gone. They won’t reprint more, so if you really want a mass market edition, get it now. (There are still some mass market copies in my online store, which you can order from me and have signed.)

The Dragonfire Novels now have their own dedicated website, which you can visit right here. The pages for the books will remain here as a reference, but news about Dragonfire will be posted on the blog on the new website.

The next thing that needs to happen at my end is that the first eight books have to be re-edited, re-proofed and re-packaged. It’s possible that there will be some changes from the previous editions as we work through this process. I’ve also licensed the original cover art from the artist, Tony Mauro. The publication schedule looks like this:
Kiss of Fire – June 26, 2018
Kiss of Fury – June 26. 2018
Kiss of Fate – June 26, 2018
Winter Kiss – July 10, 2018
Whisper Kiss – July 24, 2018
Darkfire Kiss – August 14, 2018
Flashfire – August 28, 2018
Ember’s Kiss – September 11, 2019

Pre-orders are already listed for most of the books at iBooks and KOBO.

Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion by Deborah CookeWe’ve also been working on the Dragonfire companion volume, Here be Dragons, in anticipation of this reversion and republication. That will also be available later this year.

The Dragon Diaries will be launched in new editions, too, hopefully this year. I’m hoping that in 2019, I’ll be able to continue the stories of the next generation as they find their HEA’s. I’ll also be able to carry on with the story of the Pyr and the launch of DragonFate.

There’s a lot of work to be done, even though some of it has been started. I’m excited, though! Welcome back to Quinn and the Pyr!