Author Newsletters

I go around about this all the time, so I thought I’d ask for your thoughts.

My monthly newsletter is a huge document. It includes announcements of new releases and upcoming releases, the month’s sale title (when there is one), cover reveals, a list of posts from my blog, upcoming reader events and signings, etc. It’s long and it takes a ton of time to compile each month.

I don’t mind doing this if it’s useful to you. but the newsletter’s open rates are dropping. Undoubtedly, the larger my list gets, the more messages end up in spam folders instead of being read by subscribers. That seems to be inevitable. There is some question as to the accuracy of open rates, too, since the newsletter won’t be reported as having been opened if you look at it in preview or without the images. Even given all of this, I still wonder whether the current format is the best.

So, I thought I’d ask you. 🙂

Remember that I have a New Release alert for those of you who only want to hear about new releases on their on-sale dates.

Remember that you can Choose Your News for the newsletter, and hear ALL of my news, or just Contemporary, Medieval or Paranormal news. (You do that by choosing Preferences from the footer in the newsletter email.)

Remember also that I have series-specific newsletters for the current series Dragons of Incendium and Flatiron Five.

Below is a little poll about author newsletters in general and my newsletter in particular. I’m asking for your help while I’m at Romancing the Capital. 🙂