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The exciting thing about attending a conference like Novelists’ Ink is that I always end up with so many action items. Novelists’ Ink is also unusual among the conferences I attend because it’s only for published authors, most of whom write genre fiction. (A high percentage of members write either romance or mystery.) So, there are no reader events like booksignings during the conference (although Jodi Vaughn and I made an exception and met with some readers for lunch on Saturday. It was such fun – Jodi is lovely and it turned out that her fans were also some of mine!) So, NINC is about the business of publishing. In this still-changing market, there are not only new options available, but better ways evolving to get things done. I always end up making lists on the flight home. You’ll notice some changes happening as a result of what I’ve learned this past week, although a number of them will happen behind the scenes.

You’ll notice some changes happening as a result of what I’ve learned this past week, although a number of them will happen behind the scenes. For example, I need to review my notes from Erica Ridley’s wonderful session on newsletters, and decide what to improve first with my monthly newsletter. (There are LOTS of things to be improved there!)

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeI’ll also be changing the numbering of the Dragons of Incendium series. Amazon doesn’t allow incremental numbers on series pages and I’ve been stubborn about changing my idea of the book numbers to fit theirs. 🙂 In talking to other authors, though, it’s clear that there are tangible benefits to having all of the books on the same product page. I’ll make them the same at all portals once they’re reformatted. The short stories will be given whole numbers in this arrangement, so the book order will become:

  1. Wyvern’s Mate
  2. Nero’s Dream
  3. Wyvern’s Prince
  4. Arista’s Legacy
  5. Wyvern’s Warrior
  6. Kraw’s Secret
  7. Wyvern’s Outlaw

Love Potion #9, a paranormal romance and romantic comedy by Claire DelacroixI’m going to commission new covers for my time travel romances, and probably move Love Potion #9 over to the Deborah Cooke side of things. It is a contemporary paranormal romance, after all. I do love the cover image, but it doesn’t communicate the subgenre clearly enough to do its job well – if you love this cover and want a print copy, grab it soon!

There are dozens of other tweaks and changes to be made. I attending workshops with tips on productivity and on strategies for publishing. I learned about conferences that I haven’t attended before and revisited the idea of attending some others again. I’ll let you know when any of these items impact what you see on your end of the publishing biz.

The second exciting result of going to conference is meeting new authors. I always meet some authors I haven’t met before and learn a bit about them during the conference, then come home with a huge shopping list so I can become acquainted with their books. No matter how avidly I read, there are always new voices and new fictional worlds to be discovered – that I’ve sat with the author in a workshop or had lunch with him or her is icing on the proverbial cake. I’ve already added a dozen books to my reader and am looking forward to digging in. When I find some I particularly love, I’ll share them with you here.

The third and maybe the biggest benefit is creative. Walking the beach is certainly a contributing factor, plus I went offline for the week. I came home from NINC recharged, with my imagination full of new stories. I did a lot of plotting, which surprised me but that’s all good. I also have more ideas to connect my existing stories with each other. I have started to do this (as some of you have seen in A Duke By Any Other Name) but the possibilities multipled for me when I gave them the opportunity.

Whisper Kiss, #5 in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeIn the Midnight Hour, book #3 of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeFor example, I need a tattoo artist based in New York for the Flatiron Five series and realized that Rox’s tattoo shop, Imagination Ink, which we encountered first in Whisper Kiss, is in NYC. Rox has a partner and friend named Chynna (as well as one named Neo). I decided that Chynna would be perfect. She’ll turn up at F5 in Damon’s book, In the Midnight Hour and become a continuing character in that series. Flatiron Five doesn’t have any paranormal elements, but Chynna isn’t paranormal. Even Rox isn’t paranormal herself—she’s just partners with Niall, a dragon shifter. This kind of cross-pollination between series is particularly fun—I went back and read what I’ve said so far about Chynna and got excited about the possibilities. I remembered writing a scene with Chynna that didn’t make it into the final book and had to hunt it down. I posted it as an out-take right here so you can meet Chynna. (She doesn’t actually appear in Whisper Kiss.)

There are wonderful plans in the works already, and I’ll share them with you as soon as I can!

Since we’re talking about conferences and reader events, tell me whether you attend any reader events. If you don’t go to reader conferences or events, is there a reason why? (Some readers like to save their money for books, which is good, too.) If you do go, where are the events located? Do you attend for workshops or signings or both? What’s your favorite part?



BookCon is a reader conference associated with BookExpo, the annual publishing industry trade show. This year, both conferences will be held in Chicago at McCormick Place, and BookCan will be on Saturday May 14. There’s information about the event, including ticket information, right here.

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixI’ll be signing copies of The Crusader’s Bride in the Romance Writers of America booth on Saturday, May 14, as part of BookCon. (Exact time TBD.) I’ll also have some swag to give away.

I hope to see you there!

November BookSignings

One thing I love to do are reader events and booksignings, so I’m excited to be participating in two signings that are coming up in November. There’s also an awesome reader event coming up in May 2016—that’s a ways out, but you’ll want to book your spot for that one now.

First will be Words, a book festival in London Ontario that includes a booksigning event. I’ll be on a panel with Zoe York and Carolyn Arnold about Self-Publishing for Genre Fiction Writers at 11 AM on November 7, then be signing from 10 – 4. The event will be held at Covent Garden Market in downtown London, Ontario.

I usually offer show specials when I do a booksigning like this – if you buy linked books, you get a discount. When you buy a bundle, you also get a tote bag to carry the books home!

If you plan to attend and want to ensure you get specific titles from me, I have a pre-order form right here. You can pay in advance, or just know how much cash to bring. (I don’t take credit cards.)

Next up will be Bookapalooza in Whitby Ontario on November 21. This promises to be a fun event—partly because I know a lot of other authors who will be in attendance!—and a good day. I have my fingers crossed that there won’t be any snow that day!

Once again, I have a pre-order form online, and you can find it right here.

Finally, there’s Eve’s Romancing the Capital reader event, which will be next May in Ottawa. Eve has added some workshops on Thursday afternoon, and I’ll be teaching one, as well as participating in a panel discussion about publishing.

There are a lot of fun events for readers on Friday and Saturday (including my event Knights Vs. Dragons, and a panel discussion called Dragons are a Girl’s Best Friend, which I’m looking forward to) plus author/reader speed-dating AND a booksigning on Saturday.

Check your calendar and book yourself in to this event, which will be a great time. I’ll have a pre-order form for books closer to the date.

I couldn’t talk about events without inviting the boys!

At the shows, it’ll be easy to find me—because the boys travel with me.

I hope to see you at one or all of these events!

Knights & Dragons

When I went to Romancing the Capital in Ottawa in April, I was amazed by all the swag and signage that authors had. I realized that I needed to lift my game!

You’ve seen my new tote bags, but here are the other new additions to my booksigning kit. Meet the boys:


These are retractable floor banners that are about six feet tall. The idea was that the designs would ensure that I could use them for a year or two, since I don’t do that many signings per year. I’m really happy with them – even though I had to rearrange my office in order to set them up.

What do you think?

Live the Hype Signing

Live the Hype Signing June 13 in TorontoOn Saturday, June 13, I’ll be participating in Live the Hype‘s multi-author booksigning at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. This will be a huge signing with many participating authors, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

I will bring lots of books, but if there’s a specific title you’d like to buy from me at the event, please reserve your copy in advance. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

I will only be taking cash at this event, just FYI. If you pre-order, you can opt to pay by PayPal in advance.

I’m going to have some specially priced bundles which include every title in a series. They’ll be discounted to a nice number that includes the sales tax, and be packed up in totes with handles so you can easily carry them away.

You can buy tickets from the Hype’s website, right here. Hope to see you there!

Another FB Party with Terry Spear

It’s that time again. I’m joining Terry Spear for another Facebook party, to celebrate the publication of her paranormal romance – it’s a wolf shifter book.

So, we’ll be talking about shifter heroes, and paranormal romance, and wolves vs. dragons. There will be doorprizes and it’ll be a lot of fun.

Terry will be celebrating all day, but I’ll be there at 7PM Eastern.  Here’s the link. Come on over and say hello!