RTC and BookCon

May is here, which means I’ll be attending two reader conferences back-to-back.

f3a66-rtc2015The first is Romancing the Capital, organized by Eve Langlais, which will be held in Ottawa May 5 – 8. This is the second year for this reader conference, and I’m sure it will be even more fun than it was last year. I’m teaching a workshop on Thursday, then will be on a couple of panels and have my own Knights vs. Dragons session again. There are theme parties on Friday and Saturday night, and a big booksigning on Saturday afternoon. The conference is sold out, but the booksigning is open to the public. If you’re attending, be sure to say hello!

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixI’ll come home, turn around, and fly to Chicago for BookCon on Saturday May 14. This reader event is always scheduled at the end of BookExpo America, and has been an amazing event when I’ve participated before. I’ll be signing in the RWA booth (#1712) at noon on Saturday. I’ll have copies of The Crusader’s Bride to give away, as well as print copies of my 2016 Sampler.

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeThere’s been an exciting addition to my plans for both conferences. I’ll have some print copies of Wyvern’s Mate for both events. These paperbacks are in a smaller size I haven’t used before, which is closer to a mass market paperback. I think they’re so cute!

Romancing the Capital 2016

It’s happening already! Romancing the Capital was such a success last weekend, that arrangements are already made for 2016. This readers’ conference will be in Ottawa Canada on May 5 – 7, 2016. I’ve already booked in as a sponsoring author, and will likely be teaching a workshop for aspiring writers on the Thursday.

Read more here and register, too.

(Be sure to check out the page of pictures from 2015!)

Home from RTC

Wow! Romancing the Capital was a fabulous reader conference, probably the best conference I’ve ever attended. We had so much fun. The events were great, the food was great, the hotel was great, and the readers were AWESOME. It was wonderful to see old friends, to meet online friends in person and to make new friends.

You can check out some of the fun in the RTC Facebook group, where people are still uploading pictures and videos.

Eve is planning for next year, and I’ll be there. Will you?



In preparation for Romancing the Capital, the readers’ conference in Ottawa that I’ll be attending in April, I’ve been making bookmarks. These are the ones for The Crusader’s Bride. There have been a number of versions, but we’re going to go with this variant, even though it’s fiddly to make. (The ribbon is a bit thick for the beads, but it looks so good.) There will also be some for Firestorm Forever.

What do you think?

About Coastal Magic

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know that I’m living in the House of Flu. Mr. Math became sick with it about a week ago, which (perhaps predictably) meant that I came down with the flu in the middle of last week. Neither of us are back to normal yet (ugh) although there has been some improvement. The New Girl is bouncing off the walls, missing all her big walks (but I think she likes hanging out in the bedroom when one or both of us head back to bed.)

All of this would be just TMI, except it’s forced me to change my travel plans. I’ve lost a week of writing and will probably lose most of another, so I’ve cancelled out of the Coastal Magic readers’ conference at the beginning of February. The schedule was tight for Firestorm Forever already, but my being sick made it tighter. In order to get the book done on time, I need to stay home and write.

I’ll miss seeing all of you who are booked to attend, but I’m pretty sure you’d all rather have Sloane’s book in March!

Plans for 2015

Those of you who visit here often know that I’m big on making plans. At the first of the year, I like to update you as to what you can expect from me in the year ahead.

First, let’s talk about promotion.

• Reader Conferences
I’m booked to attend two readers’ conferences in 2015, both of which are early in the year. I haven’t been booking anything after that, and I doubt that I will—this year, I want to stay home and write more. No matter how efficiently I think I’m traveling, I don’t get any writing done for about 3 weeks when I go to a conference. There are too many characters in my office demanding that their stories be told, so 2015 is Writing Year.

Reader conferences are fun because there’s time to chat, plus there’s always a booksigning open to the public. In addition, I usually take some special goodies to these events.

I will be a featured author at the Coastal Magic Conference in Florida in February, which is a lovely small conference focused on paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance. Registration is closing soon for this wonderful event, so think about attending. You can come to the book fair on Saturday night, even if you aren’t attending the conference. I’d love to meet you in Florida, either way!

I will also be a featured author at a new conference, in April in Ottawa, called Romancing the Capital, which is being organized by Eve Langlois. I also think this will be an awesome conference and a lot of fun, so think about registering to attend, as well.

• Giveaways on the Move
I’m also switching up my giveaways this year, to make sure that my readers have a better chance of winning them. You’ve probably noticed that I’m not giving away a book every month on the blog anymore. Instead, I’m giving away prizes to readers through my newsletter: for example, in December, I gave away 25 audiobooks. Special pricing and new releases are also announced first in my newsletter. You’ll want to subscribe to the newsletter for 2015, to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you already subscribe but don’t see the newsletter in your email inbox, your ISP might think it’s spam. You can check your spam folder, or better yet, re-subscribe and add my email address to your email address book. That way, your ISP will know that you know me. The newsletter is mailed from:

• More Bonus Content
I’ll also be offering more bonus content to you through my store. Right now, there are downloadable EPUB excerpts for both Firestorm Forever and The Crusader’s Bride. The one for The Crusader’s Bride is longer than the one posted here on the website, which is one kind of additional content you’ll be seeing in the store.

• A Monthly Guest Blog Post
I’ve also been invited to contribute each month to the Romance Canadian Style blog. (You might remember that I did a guest post there last year about using Canadian settings in romance novels.) I’ll be there on the 23rd of each month through 2015.

• Change at the Château
I have a new virtual assistant as of this week, and I’m hoping that her help allows me not only to interact more with all of you but also to get more writing done. Check out yesterday’s post or About Deborah to find out about my new social media links.

On Monday, we’ll talk about upcoming books from yours truly…

Reader Conferences

I enjoyed the Coastal Magic conference so much that I’ve been booking some more reader conferences. I’ll let you know about them as the bookings are confirmed.

I will be at Book Expo America this spring. I’ll be signing copies of Serpent’s Kiss and The Highlander’s Curse, on Saturday May 31, which is BEA’s Power Reader Day. I’m booked in at 9:00 AM in the Romance Writers of America booth.

I’m also signed up for Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together, which will be June 5 – 8 in Cincinnati. I’ve never gone to this conference before, so am really looking forward to it.

Next winter, I’ll be a featured author once more at the Coastal Magic Conference, which will be in Daytona Beach from February 5 – 8, 2015.

I also signed up for a new reader conference called Romancing the Capital, hosted by Eve Langlois, which will take place in Ottawa, Ontario in April 2015. It’s fun that she’s arranging a conference for readers right here in Canada, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all shapes up.

I hope to see some of you at these conferences!