New F5F Postcards

I’ve ordered some new postcards for the Flatiron Five Fitness series, with Flatiron Five Tattoo on the back. They’ll be 5″ by 7″.

I can’t wait to see the finished postcards when they arrive.

As always, postcards are free for the asking. If you’d like some of these, you can comment on this post or send me an email. I’m not sure how long it will take for them to arrive from the States, but I’ll send them out once they do.


I have new postcards for my 2015 releases. They’ve just arrived and I think they look awesome! Check them out:

Firestorm Forever postcardsChampions of St. Euphemia by Claire Delacroix - postcardIf you’d like some postcards for yourself, please comment on this post and say so. Be sure your email addy is correct. It won’t display on the site, but I’ll need it to get in touch with you and get your mailing address.

Just FYI, I’ll also be mailing out the prize copies of The Warrior’s Prize now, since I wanted to tuck the new postcards into those parcels.

Serpent’s Kiss Postcards Are Here!

I have wonderful postcards for Serpent’s Kiss, right here in my hot little hands. These are over-sized at 5″ x 8″, with the gorgeous cover on the front. On the back is the cover copy for the book, as well as all the other Dragonfire covers in order, with their ISBN#’s. I just love them.

Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah CookeWhy am I telling you this? Because Thorolf needs to be SHARED!

So, if you would like several of these postcards for your very own, all you have to do is comment on this post to let me know. I’ll need your snail mail address. If you have a store or a book club and would like more than three or four, please let me know that, too.

Remember that if you haven’t commented on this blog before, your comment will go to moderation. It’ll still be here, but will just be hidden from view while waiting to be approved. If you’ve commented once before, your new comment will display immediately.


I have new postcards! That’s always an exciting thing, and I’m always happy to share.

Currently available are postcards for:

Ember's Kiss, a Dragonfire paranormal romance by Deborah Cooke

Ember’s Kiss

Kiss of Danger, the first Dragon Legion Novella, by Deborah Cooke, first of the Dragon Legion trilogy of novellas

Kiss of Danger

Kiss of Darkness, the second Dragon Legion novella, by Deborah Cooke, #9B in her Dragonfire series of paranormal romances

Kiss of Darkness

One More Time by Deborah Cooke

The Coxwell Series
(This postcard shows all four covers.)

Guardian, an urban fantasy romance by Claire Delacroix

The Prometheus Project
(This postcard shows all four covers.)

There are more on the way for:

The Snow White Bride, third in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The Jewels of Kinfairlie
(This postcard shows all three covers.)

The Renegade's Heart, first in the True Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The True Love Brides
(This postcard shows both completed covers in the series so far.)

Let me know what you’d like and how many, and I’ll be happy to pop them into the mail for you. Email me at chestwick AT sympatico DOT ca

with “Postcards, please” in the subject line. If you’d like some bookplates tucked into the same package, you just have to tell me so.

Postcards and Bookplates

So, I have postcards and I have bookplates – and you can have some of each!

Here’s the summary. I have postcards for THE RENEGADE’S HEART right now, and before I mail things out, I’ll have some for No Halo Required.

I also have bookplates for Claire Delacroix – they have the feather on them for the Prometheus Project trilogy. These are a pretty cool way to have your copies of my books become signed copies.

On the Deborah Cooke side of the office, I also have postcards for EMBER’S KISS.

And there are bookplates for Dragonfire on their merry way to me right now. I expect them to arrive by the end of the month, and they’ll look like this:

So, if you want any of these goodies, here’s what you need to do.

1. Tell me what you want. If you are a reader, you can have multiple bookplates for your keepers, and I’ll send you postcards along with them. If you have a bookstore or a readers’ group and would like multiple postcards, just tell me.

2. If you want bookplates, please tell me who they should be signed for.

3. Tell me where to send them. I need a complete snail-mail mailing address.

You can either post a comment here with all this info, or you can send me an email (chestwick AT sympatico DOT ca). If you email me and don’t get a reply in 48 hours, then the spam filters ate it. Please try again.