For Libraries

My books are available to libraries!

Digital editions of my books are available to libraries through Overdrive and Bibliotheca. This includes my new releases, as well as new editions of many backlist titles. I used to upload directly to Overdrive, but now am using Pronoun (a Macmillan company) to deliver to both of these library portals. Their interface is easier for me, so new releases will appear more quickly on Overdrive than they did before. I also like their version control better.

Print editions of my books are available to libraries through Ingrams. Some of my books are also available in hard cover editions from Ingrams. You can find them on the Collectors’ Editions page here on the site.

My audiobooks are available to libraries through Overdrive and Blackstone Library. Blackstone makes physical cd’s of my audiobooks for libraries, as well as offering digital download licensing.

Overdrive and Libraries

I’ve added an item to the menu bar here on the site, called Libraries.

My digital books are available to libraries through Overdrive. Yesterday, the good people at Overdrive sent me direct links for each of my books to use on my site. Yes, I have more links to update, but in the meantime, those of you who are Overdrive clients can follow this link to my titles at Overdrive.

Print editions of my books are available to libraries through Ingrams.

Overdrive Romance Sale

Overdrive Content Reserve is a distributor that makes digital content available to libraries. This month, they’re having a sale on romance for Valentine’s Day, and I have twenty titles participating in the program.

Yes. Twenty. =8-o

87106d52e4fd4417a0b92d89268a7f63If you’re a librarian or you know a librarian, please share the news! The Content Reserve website is right here.

Live at Overdrive

My updated files are now available at Overdrive’s Content Reserve. This is a portal for libraries to acquire digital books, but they also feed content to a number of other sites—including Waterstones in the UK, Books-A-Million in the US, Bookstrand in the UK and others. I can’t give you a link to check it out, because you have to be a Content Reserve customer to see their list.

The Beauty by NYT Bestselling Author Claire Delacroix

The new editions are for The Beauty, The Temptress, The Rogue, The Scoundrel, The Warrior, The Beauty Bride, The Rose Red Bride, The Snow White Bride (library edition, which includes The Ballad of Rosamunde), Once Upon a Kiss, The Last Highlander, The Moonstone, and Love Potion #9.

One More Time by Deborah Cooke

Newly added titles are The Countess, The Renegade’s Heart, Third Time Lucky, Double Trouble, One More Time and All or Nothing.

Just FYI – I don’t distribute the boxed sets through this portal because of the large file size.

Another update completed!