The Nutcracker Reimagined & Tina DeSalvo

Today, my guest is another author participating in the Nutcracker Reimagined anthology. Please welcome Tina DeSalvo!

Author Tina DeSalvoHi everyone, and thank you Deb for inviting me to stop by to say hello and talk about my books. It is one of my favorite things to chat about. It’s up there with talking about recipes, family and oh, heck, let me confess now, I like to talk about almost anything. Yeah, the truth is out, I enjoy visiting with readers and anyone who doesn’t rush off in the other direction (I have yet to chase after anyone). LOL. I guess I should introduce myself so you know who this chatty person is yammering away – My name is Tina DeSalvo and I write contemporary romances with a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of laughter and emotion. My favorite settings are small towns. And, I love to surround my hero and heroine around eccentric, crazy, well-meaning people who make us smile, laugh and just plain-ole feel good. In my Second Chance Novel series, my books are set in the heart of Cajun Country in south Louisiana – a place I am very familiar with as that is where I have lived, worked, raised my family and passed a good time! I hope you give the Second Chance Novel Series a try – Elli, Jewell, Abby, as well as, Hunt for Christmas, Out-lanta and A Second Chance in Vegas.Christmas at the Inn at Cloud Hill by Tina DeSalvo

The Rocky Mountains also hold a special place in my heart, too. My hubs, Mr. Co-Man, and I spend a lot of time there enjoying the majestic scenery and cool temperatures. We consider it a second home. The Rockies is the setting for my Cloud Hill series – the first book (a novella) is part of the AMAZING Nutcracker Reimagined Christmas Collection. I am so honored to be included with the wonderful authors writing for this collection! The title of my novella is Christmas at the Inn on Cloud Hill. The following books in this series are Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer – the names of the sisters this series is about and you briefly hear about in Christmas). Oh, I’m so excited to share this series with y’all!

The Nutcracker Reimagined, a Christmas romance anthologyI had so much fun writing my story, Christmas at the Inn on Cloud Hill for the Nutcracker Reimagined Christmas Collection. As I mentioned before, it is the first story of a new series I am writing, so researching and exploring then new setting has been really fun. I have moved from the bayous of Louisiana to the high elevation Rocky Mountains of Colorado with this setting. Although the landscape is very different, the heart of what I write about is the same – small towns, sense of community and family with a hodge-podge of eccentric personalities. All, who are basically good people who care for one another and the place they live. In this Christmas novella Country Music Superstar, Daniel Brooks, has comes to the tiny village of Cloud Hill for a little R & R and reunites with a childhood acquaintance, Aurora Morgan. Now an accomplished muralist who is back in Cloud Hill to paint a mural at the historic Inn of the owner’s four daughters, Aurora hopes to prove to herself she has indeed come to terms with a horrific life-changing event from her past. She didn’t realize she would have to face the man who had set it all in motion though – Daniel Brooks. As they get reacquainted for the first time in over twenty years, the town’s historical society decides that good fortune has rained down on them with a talented artist and a musician! They manage to get both Daniel and Aurora to help with the annual Christmas Festival – in particular the Nutcracker Variety Show. I hope you enjoy this story with its elderly ladies dancing in sequined tutus, defiant fostered three-legged deer, and a kilt-wearing handyman, who all play roles to create this Nutcracker story REIMAGINED in a way to bring Daniel and Aurora together to find love, happiness and resolution.

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Elli, a Second Chance novel, by Tina DeSalvoLearn more about Tina and her books at her website.

Tina has very graciously offered a giveaway today, of two free copies of her e-book, e-book copies of the first Book in her Second Chance Series, Elli, a Second Chance Novel. Please comment on this post and say what it is you like or dislike about the Classic Nutcracker Story for your chance to win. Good luck!

The Nutcracker Reimagined & Eliza Knight

Today, my guest is another author participating in the Nutcracker Reimagined collection. Please welcome Eliza Knight!

Hello! I’m Eliza Knight, an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical romance. Under the name E. Knight, I pen rip-your-heart-out historical fiction. Most of my novels take place in medieval Scotland, which is my favorite time period to write about. I’m fortunate enough to have been able to do some research in Scotland, too, which brings me even closer to my characters and the land they cherish so much.

The Highlander's Reward, a medieval Scottish romance by Eliza KnightMy Stolen Bride series is kicked off with The Highlander’s Reward, and in it my hero Magnus Sutherland fights for William Wallace and the Bruce in trying win back Scottish freedom from the English. So what happens, when in the middle of a battle, Magnus comes across an English lass, daughter to the enemy, in need of saving? Well, he takes her of course, and forces her to marry him. Arbella is horrified. She didn’t like the idea of leaving England to marry an English lord occupying a Scottish castle as it was. It’s a wild place full of heathens, and now she’s married to a barbarian! For Magnus, marrying the enemy puts his duty to his clan and country in jeopardy, not to mention that having a wife will be a total pain in the arse. But what started as a mock marriage turns into one of passionate love, and together they have to fight off the enemies who would seek to destroy them. The Highlander’s Reward is currently a free read—escape to the Highlands with me and give this series a try!

The Highlander's Gift, a medieval Scottish romance by Eliza KnightMy story in The Nutcracker Reimagined is The Highlander’s Gift, and it features the daughter of Magnus and Arbella from The Highlander’s Reward. Bella is a fiery and independent lass who definitely doesn’t want to be constrained by the bonds of marriage. And she just so happens to find the most perfect man for her. Sir Niall Oliphant was betrothed to the Bruce’s daughter, Princess Elizabeth, until she declares that his wound in battle has incapacitated him as a man. Because he does not wish to marry the spoiled royal, he is glad to pass her off to his brother Sir Walter, and remain a bachelor. Until he is presented with an offer from the Earl of Sutherland to marry his only daughter, a lass more beautiful than any other. Bella Sutherland, daughter of one of the most powerful earls and Highland chieftains in Scotland, can marry anyone she wants—but she wants no one. When she spies the injured warrior at the Yule festival who has been shunned by the Bruce’s own daughter, she makes her choice. What is better than no husband? A husband who cannot truly be husband at all. With them both satisfied that they are gaining a marriage in name only, imagine their surprise when love blossoms and passion ignites?

The Nutcracker Reimagined, a Christmas romance anthologyThe Highlander’s Gift is the ninth medieval tale in my Stolen Bride series. It will be available first as a novella in the Nutcracker Reimagined which releases on October 19th — only available for 30 days for 99 cents – along with nine other great Christmas novellas! After that, The Highlander’s Gift will be expanded into a full-length novel and released in its own edition.

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The Nutcracker Reimagined & Claire Delacroix

You all know about the upcoming Christmas anthology, The Nutcracker Reimagined, but you might not know the work of all the authors involved in the project. I thought it would be fun to do some virtual introductions.

bestselling author Deborah Cooke, also writing as Claire Delacroix

I’m Deborah Cooke and I also write historical romances as Claire Delacroix. Mostly, they’re medieval romances because that’s my favorite historical era. My characters often tell stories because I’m fascinated by why people choose one story over another. These might be folk tales or fairy tales. They also could be chansons, like those sung by the troubadours. Invariably, they reveal something about the character telling the story.

The Beauty Bride, first book in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixA good example of that is my medieval romance, The Beauty Bride. Rhys is a gruff warrior and an outlaw, a man who needs a bride but knows nothing about courting a woman’s favor. He thinks having a wife (and getting a son) is a simple matter of marrying a woman and consummating the marriage. Madeline, who is less than impressed that her new husband refuses to confide in her at all, soon helps Rhys to realize that it isn’t going to be that simple. Intent on convincing her to stay with him but not knowing how to charm her, Rhys tells her stories instead. Madeline quickly realizes that each story told by Rhys reveals a little bit more of his secrets. When Rhys’ past catches up with the pair, he’s determined to deal with it himself and save Madeline–by then, Madeline isn’t nearly so ready to lose the husband she’s come to love. The Beauty Bride is a free read and a good way to give my books a try.

The Nutcracker Reimagined, a Christmas romance anthologyMy story in The Nutcracker Reimagined is The Mercenary’s Bride and it features another warrior and knight. Quentin was sent away from Inverfyre for defying the command of the laird himself, the Hawk of Inverfyre. I like that he couldn’t resist the temptation of teaching the laird’s daughter the arts of war, that her request trumped her father’s command. 🙂 Quentin was determined to earn the means to ask for Mhairi’s hand in marriage (he thinks a warrior maiden will suit him perfectly as a wife) but everything comes awry at the beginning of this story when he is robbed and left for dead in Spain. He blames the Hawk for his situation and vows to somehow return to Inverfyre to avenge himself and his loss. His innate honor hasn’t deserted him, though—he foils a plot to kill the Hawk’s lady wife, acting on instinct, and is invited into Inverfyre as a guest. Mhairi’s kiss dismisses the last of his bitterness, reminding him of the man he used to be—and convincing him to become that man again. He undertakes a plan to rid the forests of Inverfyre of the rebels hunting the Hawk and his kin, never imagining that he will win the sweetest prize of all. At Christmas.

The Mercenary’s Bride is book #1 of my new series of Scottish medieval romances called the Brides of Inverfyre. It will be available first in the Nutcracker collection—which will be available for just 30 days and is priced at 99 cents—along with nine other Christmas romance novellas. After that, it will be available in its own edition.

The Nutcracker Reimagined is specially priced at just 99 cents and is available for pre-order now. It will deliver on October 19 and be available only for 30 days.

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