The Wolf & the Witch

The Wolf & the Witch is the first book in a new medieval Scottish trilogy called Blood Brothers, which will be launching next April! I just love the cover and am really enjoying Max and Alys together.

The Wolf & the Witch, book one of the Blood Brothers trilogy of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixDenied his rightful legacy, Maximilian de Vries devised a plan to avenge himself upon his father and see his own future secured. Allied with his two forgotten half-brothers, he descends upon ancient and mysterious Kilderrick, determined to claim it at any price. A woman rumored to be a witch is the sole one bold enough to defy him but Maximilian has a solution—he will take her to wife, whether she be willing or nay, and seal his claim.

But this powerful warrior has yet to match wits with Alys Armstrong, a maiden with a thirst for vengeance and a fury that might exceed his own. Alys has no intention of capitulating to the proud and illegitimate son of the rogue who stole everything from her, and she does not share his avowed compulsion to fight fair.

Bitter enemies from the outset, Maximilian and Alys’ match is a battle of wills. When anger turns to passion, will either of them be able to resist temptation? And when Kilderrick itself is in peril, will they be able to join forces to save the unexpected love they have come to value above all else?

Coming April 26, 2021

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More Dragonfire

I’ve some fun news to share with you about Dragonfire. There will be three more books and – here’s the really neat part – these will be YA Dragonfire books, focussed on the story of Zoë coming of age as the Wyvern. Along the way, we’ll find out the resolution to Sophie and Nikolas’ story. So, it will be linked to the existing Dragonfire books, but this new trilogy will stand on its own.

I’m really looking forward to writing these. It’s going to be a lot of fun to explore the perspective of a female Pyr who is the Wyvern – esp as she’s learning what she can do without a guidebook (and all those teenage hormones to spare.) It will be set in the future – of course, as Zoë was born in 2008 – and I’m still figuring out how I’m going to play with that.

Of course, titles and pub dates are TBD at this point, but the first one will probably be released in the second half of 2011. It sounds as if they’ll initially be released in trade paperback format, too.