More Fun with Book Charms

I posted a while ago about the book charms that I’m making for Romancing the Capital in August. They’re so cute that once I had a bunch of them, I made some door prizes for my events.

One of the things I’ve done with them is make key fobs for entire book series. Here’s the Dragons of Incendium one, beside a mini-book of Wyvern’s Mate.

Dragons of Incendium series key fob made by Deborah Cooke

Here’s another one, for the Prometheus Project series of urban fantasy romances with fallen angel heroes. (I was pretty excited to find the feather charms!)

Prometheus Project key fob made by Deborah Cooke

Finally, since I have dragon charms, I had to make some earrings.

dragpn earrings made by Deborah Cooke

What do you think?

New Dragon Swag

Every once in a while, my inner dragon needs to add something new and shiny to the hoard. These little beauties, though, will be going out to readers for their hoards.

New dragon swag from Deborah Cooke

Check them out – little dragons coiled around a semi-precious stone, then hung on a pendant. I love them and think they’re perfect Dragonfire swag. They seem like just the thing for Lee to have conjured up. The dragon from my bookshelf (who looks like Donovan, IMO) appears to be impressed – or maybe he’s coveting them. They go out into the world in a nice little gift bag, with two Dragonfire tattoos tucked inside, and a Firestorm Forever postcard.

What do you think?

Or better yet, why do you think you should win one? I’ll give away THREE, and will choose winners on Monday. Good luck!

P.S. If you’re a blogger and want to do a feature on Firestorm Forever, I’ll provide one as as the doorprize. 🙂