Disappearing Posts

If you like to cruise my posts about knitting and quilting, you’ll start to find some bad links. I’ve decided to move all of my crafty posts to their own blog, to improve the SEO of this site. Pictures of my knitting don’t, after all, have much to do with my books.

There’s a lot to transfer so I’ll give you the new url of the new blog after the transition is done. I’m also deleting posts after they’re moved, so I can keep track of my progress, so posts will be disappearing here, too. They’ll all turn up over there once I’m done. I’m starting with the oldest posts and am up to 2009 so it might be a while before you notice any missing posts.

I’m also correcting the blog links on my Ravelry project pages as I go, since some of them haven’t been fixed since the last time I moved the blog – the whole thing was moved from delacroix.net to this site about ten years ago. Pam helped me do that automatically, which I think was possible because it was the whole blog. This time, it’s all by hand, cherrypicking through it all.

The disappointing thing about moving blog posts is that the comments don’t transfer. I apologize to you for that. I’ll let you know when it’s done. 🙂