Matte Covers on POD Editions

Sometime last fall, the print on demand supplier I use (Createspace) introduced a new cover finish. Until then, all covers had been glossy, but they began to offer a choice of finish: matte or glossy.

Beguiled was the first book for which I used the matte finish, and it really is lovely. Because I like it so much, I’ll be using it for all future books, and also working back through my publication list to switch older books over to the matte cover finish. The print edition of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss is all locked and loaded, and it will have a matte cover. This week, I also switched over The Last Highlander to a matte cover because I was updating the interior anyway.

Just in case you like the matte finish as much as I do, I’ll keep you posted on my progress in changing the settings on the older books.