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Under the Mistletoe, a contemporary Christmas romance and #4 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah CookeTheo and Lyssa’s book will be off to editing this week, which is a wonderful thing. These two have given me a tussle, but I love their book. (Sometimes the fighters are the best stories.) I’ve moving out the publication date to April 19 to give us all a bit more breathing room. Rushing edits is never a good idea. This means also that I’ve put up a pre-order at Amazon. Under the Mistletoe is almost done, too, and now that I know how it intersects with Theo’s story, I’ll be finishing it up this month, too. After it goes to my editor and I confirm her schedule, I’ll put up the pre-orders for it.

So, here are the pre-order links for Theo and Lyssa – as usual, it’ll be available at GooglePlay on the on sale date:

Bad Case of Loving You, book #5 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Theo knows what’s possible…
Because he’s learned the hard way what’s not. The internationally successful supermodel known as Angel stole his heart forever when she was shy Lyssa Monroe. There’s never been another woman who could compete—he even loved Lyssa enough to walk away when she told him they had to part. When he sees her at F5, he’s resolved to make one glimpse of her sustain him for another ten years. When she offers him one night together, Theo can’t say no—even though he knows a taste will only tempt him to hope for more all over again.

Lyssa has tasted forbidden fruit…
And she can’t forget it, no matter how hard she tries. Theo’s love is a touchstone for all that is pure and good in the chaos her life has become. When their gazes meet across the dance floor at F5, everything is simple for once and only one choice is possible. The secrets she keeps from him could destroy everything, but surely she can keep them hidden for just one night. How much will she sacrifice to defend the past—and how far will Theo go to discover the truth?

Coming April 16, 2019

Available for pre-order at:
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