Kobo’s June BOGO Digital Bundle Sale

The Coxwells Boxed Set by Deborah CookeKobo is running a Buy One Get One sale on boxed sets from Monday June 3 to Sunday June 30. This sale will also be supported at Walmart, on their website in the US, since Kobo provides digital content to Walmart. This sale is supported in five territories—US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand—and there are separate landing pages for each territory.

You will find my bundles Dragonfire Quest, The Dragons of Incendium: The First Collection and The Prometheus Project on the PNR & SciFi carousel on the landing page. You’ll also find The Coxwells Boxed Set on the Chemistry & Comedy carousel. (The order of the books on each carousel will change throughout the month, so you might have to click View All to find the titles.)

The links on the titles above are Kobo links. Here are the Kobo landing pages by territory.

Visit the US landing page

Visit the CA landing page

Visit the UK landing page

Visit the AU landing page

Visit the NZ landing page

Happy shopping!


Save on Heroes and Bad Boys in KOBO’s BOGO Sale!

SAve on Heroes & Bad Boys in KOBO's BOGO Sale!

I’ve told you about this big buy-one-get-one sale at Kobo, but now I have a fun flipbook to share with you. This is an easy way to see ALL of the books included in the sale.

View the KOBO BOGO Flip Book

For my contemporary romances, you’ll find Addicted to Love (book #2 of Flatiron Five) in the sale, as well as the first four books in the Coxwell series. The links below will take you to a carousel featuring just my books.

Remember you can download the KOBO reading app for other devices.

Kobo also offers a $5 credit for downloading the app, but note that you have to buy an ebook that costs more than $5.99 to get the credit.

The BOGO sale ends February 3, so don’t miss your chance to save!

Here are links to the carousels of my books included in the sale:

View the carousel of Deborah Cooke books on sale in the Kobo US store.

View the carousel of Deborah Cooke books on sale in the Kobo CA store.

View the carousel of Deborah Cooke books on sale in the Kobo UK store.

View the carousel of Deborah Cooke books on sale in the Kobo AU store.

View the carousel of Deborah Cooke books on sale in the Kobo NZ store.

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss at Kobo

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixToday, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss is a Daily Double Deal at Kobo.

This medieval Scottish romance is on sale for 99 cents, discounted from $4.99. You can see the Daily Double Deal on the Kobo homepage by hovering over ebooks on the header. A drop down menu will appear with the option Daily Deals – clicking on that will take you to the landing page featuring the first and second Daily Deals.

Or, you can just follow this link. 🙂

Ha. How fun that my book is featured with Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. I love that book, which is a medieval mystery, and have a well-loved paperback version on my keeper shelf. Maybe you should grab both titles!

This is the first day of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss being discounted at Kobo. It will remain 99 cents until the end of the month.

Red Door Reads @Kobo Part 2

Red Door ReadsLast week, I told you about the Buy More Read More feature at Kobo for historical romances from Red Door Reads authors. Well, here’s the rest of the story – there’s a post at the Kobo Writing Life blog by yours truly about the benefits of joining an author group like RDR.

You can find my post on the KWL blog, right here.

Buy More Read More Red Door Reads at Kobo

Red Door Reads authors also have a joint promotion this month for our historical romance titles at Kobo.

Red Door Reads Sale Page for US readers

Red Door Reads Sale Page for Canadian readers


Red Door Reads Sampler of Romance NovelsAnd don’t forget that the Introducing Red Door Reads Sampler is available for free download on Kobo as well as other portals. It includes 18 excerpts from contemporary romances, historical romances and paranormal romances by RDR member authors.

Find your next read in Introducing Red Door Reads. It’s FREE!

Buy from Amazon.com Buy at iBooks Buy at GooglePlay Buy at KOBO Buy at B&N

Red Door Reads at KWL

The Red Door Reads authors have a special this month at Kobo – we’re participating in a Buy More Read More promotion for our books. For this promotion, we decided to focus on historical romance. When you buy two books, you can choose a third one for free! Here’s your chance to stock up on RDR titles!

Red Door Reads Sale Page for US readers

Red Door Reads Sale Page for Canadian readers

eReadLocal at Kobo US

eRead Local promotion from Kobo in the USHere’s a wonderful promotion that I learned about while at NINC, which is available to those of you in the US. Kobo wants to encourage you to shop at indie bookstores, many of which sell Kobo e-reading devices. eRead Local also is a drive to get more readers to sign up for Kobo accounts. Here’s a bit more detail:

  • Aug 22 – Nov 29, Kobo is launching an exciting 100-day incentive program for local, indie bookstores, “eRead Local”
  • For every new customer that signs up for a Kobo account affiliated with a bookstore, that store will receive $5 USD. The customer will also receive $5 USD credit towards their first eBook purchase
  • Stores that acquire 100+ new customers will be entered to win a Kobo-sponsored event featuring a bestselling author. Stores that acquire 50-99 new customers will be entered to win free eReaders
  • After a customer’s account is affiliated with a bookstore, a portion of every Kobo purchase they make goes straight to that store

From where I sit, this is totally win-win. You get a credit to buy the books you want, and your fave indie bookstore gets a credit from Kobo.

I don’t need to remind you that ALL of my books that are available in digital editions are available from Kobo. 🙂

You can read more about the promotion on the Kobo Writing Life blog, right here.

Digitally Publishing at Kobo

Well, it turns out that I miss talking to all of you each week, and that compiling these posts does help me sort out my thoughts. So, I’m back! And I hope you’re back, too. 🙂 You get two Wild West Thursday posts this week, just because I’m catching up.

Today, I wanted to tell you about a visit from Mark LeFebvre, Director of Author Relations at Kobo Writing Life, to our local group of readers and authors. If you ever have a chance to hear Mark speak, you should go. He’s a good speaker, providing that perfect combo of content and humour. He taught a workshop about digitally publishing your book. He gave some tips for indie authors, then did a demonstration of publishing to Kobo. He also talked briefly about some upcoming changes to the KWL dashboard, which were interesting to those of us who have already digitally published to Kobo.

I was going to summarize his tips in a blog post, because they were good ones, but it turns out Mark did it already. His blog post, including his five tips for indie authors and a shot of Barnaby, is right here.

And that, I think, was the easiest blog post I ever composed…

I have a longer post queued up for tomorrow about BEA.