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The Warrior's Prize, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix and book #4 in the True Love Brides SeriesOn completion of probably 40 books in a row, I’ve written a teaser or an excerpt for the next book in the series or under that author brand. The excerpt always goes at the end of the book, to tempt the reader to order or buy my next release. It’s pretty standard marketing for books, especially for books in linked series (which is what I tend to write). Since I always know where the book will begin, this has never been a big deal for me. The opening is the part that’s obvious – it’s in the middle that things get interesting.

Well, lo and behold, something has changed. I wrote the excerpt for The Warrior’s Prize when I was finished The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, just as I have done forty or so times already. Something is different, though, because I realized when writing the book that this scene isn’t at the beginning of Rafael and Elizabeth’s story. Rafael pointed out to me that he would not wait six whole months to speak to Elizabeth, not with Kinfairlie so close to Ravensmuir, which I had to admit was reasonable.

Elizabeth and Rafael’s story begins when they meet, which occurs at the end of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, because Elizabeth’s impact upon Rafael is immediate. What Rafael chooses after Alexander tells his story in the excerpt is the result of their exchanges over the intervening period. The excerpt is in the book, so I will leave it here and in the edition of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, but it’s actually about halfway through the story.

This is interesting change structurally, because it means that The Warrior’s Prize actually begins before the end of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss in chronological terms. At the beginning of Elizabeth and Rafael’s book, you’ll relive the Big Finish of Malcolm and Catriona’s book, but through Rafael’s eyes instead of Catriona’s. I now remember that I suspected this would be the case, and this was why I chose to publish the two books back-to-back, but now you know my reasoning as well.

This also has helped me to straighten out something for my upcoming 2015 medieval series, in which the heroes of all four linked titles participate in the same first inciting incident. Hmm. I really looking forward to digging into that project now, because I can see the structure more clearly.

So, don’t be surprised when you begin to read The Warrior’s Prize and find that it doesn’t begin with the excerpt posted on my site or included in The Frost Maiden’s Kiss!

The Warrior’s Prize Pre-Order

The Warrior's Prize, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix and book #4 in the True Love Brides SeriesAs I’ve mentioned to some of you already, Amazon is allowing pre-orders of indie-published titles now (YAY!) but only for 90 days in advance of publication. The Warrior’s Prize goes on sale December 29 and is available for pre-order at Apple and Kobo, but I had to wait until today to list it at Amazon.

It’s now listed at Amazon, right here.

You might notice that it says the book is 27 pages long. That’s the length of the placeholder file I uploaded. The actual book will be 100,000 words long (300 pages or more) just like all of my other full length medieval romances.

The Beauty Bride Audio Edition

The Beauty Bride in AudioThe Beauty Bride audio edition is now available at Amazon, Audible and Apple.

As with The Rogue and its narrator Ashley Klanac, I’ve done an interview with Saskia Maarleveld, who narrated the audio edition of The Beauty Bride. Ashley’s interview is right here, in case you missed it. Saskia’s interview will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to tune in for that.

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixThe Frost Maiden’s Kiss, a medieval romance and book #3 in my True Love Brides Series, is available today!

The incredible thing I realized last week was that Malcolm and Catriona’s story is my 50th full length book published. Wow. I guess I’ve been doing this for a while. 🙂

Without further ado, then, here are the deets:

She enchanted him with a kiss—but winning her love would demand all he possessed.

After eight years abroad, Malcolm returns to Scotland with a fortune, a companion even more hardened than he and a determination to restore his inherited holding. But when that companion falls into peril, Malcolm seizes the chance to repay an old debt, trading his own soul for that of his doomed comrade. Knowing his days are limited and determined to leave a legacy of merit, Malcolm rebuilds Ravensmuir with all haste, though he fears he will never have an heir.

A night of violence has left Catriona with no home and no faith in the honor of men. She expects little good from a visit to her lady’s brother, Laird of Ravensmuir, a known mercenary. But the handsome laird challenges her expectations with his courtesy, his allure—and his unexpected proposal. Knowing it is her sole chance to ensure her child’s future, Catriona dares to accept Malcolm’s hand. She soon realizes that this warrior fights a battle of his own and that she holds the key to his salvation. Little does she realize her past is in hot pursuit, seeking to destroy all she holds dear—including the laird who has thawed the frost of her reluctant heart.

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You can read an excerpt on the book page, right here.

The Renegade’s Heart at #1!

The Renegade's Heart, book #1 of the True Love Brides Series of Scottish medieval romances, by Claire DelacroixThis weekend, my medieval romance The Renegade’s Heart has been #1 in medieval romance and #2 in Scottish romance on Amazon! This is pretty exciting stuff. Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of Murdoch and Isabella’s book this weekend!

And if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, it’s still 99 cents at Amazon, B&N, iBooks and Kobo. Links and an excerpt are right here.


The print copies of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss arrived! Aren’t they beautiful?
print copies of The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and #3 of The True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixI feel the urge to give at least one away. Comment on this post and tell me why you should be the lucky recipient! I’ll choose a winner Friday night.

You know the drill – the contest is open internationally, and for every 25 entries, I’ll add another prize. Good luck!

The Renegade’s Heart on Sale!

The Renegade's Heart, book #1 of the True Love Brides Series of Scottish medieval romances, by Claire DelacroixAs you all know, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, which is book #3 in my Claire Delacroix True Love Brides series of Scottish medieval romances, goes on sale Tuesday, August 26. In order to get you all caught up with the story, this weekend, the digital edition of The Renegade’s Heart, which is the first book in the same series is on sale for just 99 cents US (or equivalent) at Amazon, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook and KOBO.