A New Review for Just Home for the Holidays

I love getting new reviews from bloggers, and here’s a five-star review for Hunter and Chloe’s story:

Just Home for the Holidays, a Christmas romance novella and #7 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Flatiron Fitness is always fun to return to and this time around we have a guy who lives in the moment, has deep scars, and doesn’t want any sort of commitment, oh, and hates Christmas. We also have Chloe who likes and lives by her plans, doesn’t like surprises, and needs a fake date ASAP while in town for the Holidays so her mom doesn’t try to set her up with her ex. Enter Hunter who, until now, has never noticed her because she hid behind her conservative clothes and glasses, but she has gone through a change and he likes that change. I enjoyed their story and how he got more than he expected or wanted because Chloe decides that he is worth more than a one-night stand. I enjoyed how it evolved and the ending was sweet and romantic. Loved it.

Rendezvous with a Romance

What a terrific way to start the week!

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You can visit the Rendezvous with a Romance blog and see the whole review right here.

Monthly Feature – Holiday Romance

This month, my feature is on holiday romances. I have a few to share with you.

A Berry Merry Christmas, a holiday romance novella by Deborah Cooke

A Berry Merry Christmas is a standalone contemporary romance and a novella, with a touch of magic. Natalie has been orphaned and lives with her Uncle Drew, who works too much to have time for romance. She writes to Santa, asking for a new mommy, and an elf who needs to find her niche is assigned to the job. Holly thinks she’ll be matchmaking in the mortal realm, but finds herself falling in love instead. This is a sweet fun romance that one of my readers said would make a great Hallmark movie.

Just One Second Chance, book six of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Just One Second Chance is a contemporary romance and part of my Flatiron Five Fitness series. Theo fell hard for Lyssa years ago, but she broke up with him. He thought it was to pursue her ambition of becoming a super-model. He’s in the middle of a holiday promotion for F5F when Lyssa turns up again, wanting to talk. There’s something she didn’t tell him—he should be furious with her, but the magic is still there. Can they trust each other enough to build a new future together?

Just One Christmas Night, book four of the Flatiron Five Tattoo series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Just One Christmas Night is the fourth and final book in my Flatiron Five Tattoo series. (It happens at the same time as Theo’s book, Just One Second Chance.) Chynna’s tattoo played a role in Lexi and Gabe finding their HEA in Just One Unforgettable Night—now they’re having a Christmas wedding in Honey Hill and Chynna is invited. She’s reluctant to attend, since Christmas is a hard time of year for her, but finds unexpected romance and love. This is a story of healing and new beginnings that’s a perfect holiday read.

Just Home for the Holidays, a Christmas romance novella and #7 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Just Home for the Holidays is a Christmas romance and #7 in the Flatiron Five Fitness series. Chloe hates surprises and plans every detail in her life, so she needs a plus-one for her mom’s annual party—when Hunter volunteers, she knows there’s no chance of her falling for a bad boy like Hunter who lives in the moment. But when Chloe learns that Hunter hates Christmas, she wants to know why—and learning Hunter’s secrets puts her heart in danger after all. Can she convince Hunter to take a chance on the future together?

Pre-order available at some portals.
Coming December 10!

A Surprise Holiday Romance

As I was working on Just One Silver Fox, I realized that there had been a lot of events at Flatiron Five Fitness since Theo and Lyssa’s story, Just One Second Chance. That book ends in March 2019 while Jax and Pierce’s book begins in January 2020. There are babies – and we know that someone has to have fallen in love. I could have packed them all into Just One Silver Fox as backstory, but thought it would be a lot more interesting to write one of those romances.

What better than a Christmas romance – except one with love unexpected. And here it comes – Just Home for the Holidays is Hunter and Chloe’s story and it takes place in Manhattan at Christmas.

I’ll publish this book as soon as it’s ready to go. There won’t be a pre-order so keep your eyes open.

Just Home for the Holidays, a Christmas romance novella and #7 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Chloe Richardson is on track…
Running the finances at Flatiron Five Fitness West is a dream job and it’s steadily making her goal of financial independence come true. She lives to work, and likes her schedules just fine. Returning to New York for Christmas should be routine, but her mom starts matchmaking—and Chloe needs a plus-one fast. When Hunter volunteers, Chloe decides he’s the perfect choice—she’ll never get emotionally involved with a guy who refuses to make plans and she knows Hunter is all about variety. It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot, or that he kisses like he invented it—but when Chloe discovers that Hunter hates Christmas, she knows she has to fix that. When she realizes that she’s falling fast for the Hunter no one else sees, can she convince him to give them a chance?

Hunter Tate lives in the moment…
He’s learned the hard way that tomorrow might never come and is determined to make every day count. The problem is Christmas—he needs a major distraction to keep his memories at bay. A fake date to a fancy charity event with his hot co-worker, Chloe, is definitely out of the ordinary for him, but Hunter loves a challenge. What could be a better one than breaking every one of Chloe’s rules? It’s all fun until Chloe decides to help Hunter put the past behind him—she gets to him and demands more, but can Chloe’s love convince Hunter to commit to the future?

Coming in December 2020.

Print Copies of Under the Mistletoe

I received my print copies of Under the Mistletoe! Aren’t they pretty?

Under the Mistletoe, book four of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

I had to laugh when I added a copy to my bookshelf. My plan with Secret Heart Ink was to write some shorter stories set in the Flatiron Five world, which could be published more quickly. Um. That didn’t work out so well. You can see how the stories kept getting longer by the widths of the spines.

The Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke in print

Looks like I need to face the fact that I write longer books. 🙂

Apple Feel Good Romance

All or Nothing included in Apple Feel Good Romance Sale October 2019Apple has a promotion running from October 1 through October 8, featuring Feel Good Romances. The promotion is available in US, UK, CA, AU and NZ territories.

You’ll find All or Nothing included in the sale, and discounted to 99cents for these dates in these territories. I’ve also discounted Zach and Jen’s book at the other portals. This is a holiday story, a romantic comedy, and a fun read with some bits that will have you reaching for the tissues, too. If you haven’t read this story yet, this is a great chance to do so.

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The landing page for the Apple Feel Good Romance Promotion is right here.

Some people will do anything for true love — even if they have to fake it.

Jen Maitland had no use for handsome guys with easy charm — until she met Zach. He’s the perfect fake date to end her mother’s matchmaking scheme before it starts. Besides, he’d probably just use her and leave her like her ex-fiancé did. At least that’s what Jen tells herself. The only problem is that Zach isn’t as predictable as he appears…

Zach Coxwell hates commitment, but loves a challenge. Like the pretty bar waitress who turned him down flat for a date — only to invite him to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Zach knows he can make Jen smile — and he’s betting that he can unravel her mysteries — even if he has to do it over candied yams.

A tofu turkey, a sister who threatens to have Zach’s love-child, the untimely appearance of a knitted avocado — and Zach’s discovery of her real motive — combine to turn Thanksgiving dinner into Jen’s worst nightmare. Zach, on the other hand, has the time of his life. And when he makes Jen smile, he finally finds a commitment he’s willing to make…but persuading Jen to believe him will take everything he’s got.

“Five hearts! Tender, sweet, and a lot of fun. A highly recommended read.”
The Romance Studio

“Five blue ribbons! A fantastic book.”
Romance Junkies

A #1 Kindle Bestseller

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