The Crusader’s Handfast

Today’s the day! The complete volume of The Crusader’s Handfast is available now!

The Crusader's Handfast, #5 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

The installments have been removed from sale at most portals and will come down from Amazon last, at the end of this month. Part One will remain available at any portal where I can make it free. It’s also available free in my online store, in EPUB and MOBI.

Don’t forget the new series bundles in my online store of signed print books. The Series Bundle for the Champions of St. Euphemia now has four books, including The Crusader’s Handfast.

The Crusader's Handfast, #5 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixA pilgrimage to Jerusalem with her mistress has left the maid Radegunde determined to live every moment to the fullest. She dreads the return to routine and her inevitable marriage to a reliable man, so convinces the warrior Duncan to make merry with her while their respective masters linger in Paris. Dancing and singing are not the sole revels in Radegunde’s plans, for she means to taste passion with this man who snared her attention in Venice. Duncan is convinced his own heart is lost forever, but Radegunde’s allure cannot be denied. When he surrenders to her seduction, Duncan suggests a handfast, knowing that even this honor is far less than she deserves. Radegunde, however, is not interested in half-measures, and resolves to win Duncan’s love, no matter what the cost. Will she succeed in her quest? Or will their paths part forever, and do as much too soon?

Available today!

There’s a Champions of St. Euphemia print book bundle in my online store for a special price, too. Click on the Selz link to see it.

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The Crusader’s Handfast: Part Three

The Crusader's Handfast: Part Three by Claire DelacroixAvailable today!

In this episode, Duncan confesses one of his own secrets to Radegunde, only to be challenged by her on the choices he has made. The pair embark on an errand for Gaston and Ysmaine—will Duncan use the day alone with Radegunde to gain another chance with her? Are they truly alone or are their confessions overheard by a villain lurking close at hand?

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A New Twist

Here’s something different we decided to do with our multi-author boxed set, Border Brotherhood – we’ve made it available in a print edition, too.

Border Brotherhood: Medieval Heroes of England and Scotland

It’s a trade paperback with all three books included – unabridged – so comes in just over 800 pages. The list price is $29.99 US, although Amazon has already discounted it a little this morning. The thing is that in trade paperback, most of our books come out more expensive: The Beauty Bride, my included title, is list priced at $14.99, for example, Kathryn’s Fragments of Grace is $13.99 in print, and Suzan’s Rowan’s Lady is $12.00. If you like to have print copies of your books, you save almost $11.00 buying the bundle.

This morning, the print edition is listed on Amazon, right here. You’ll see that when you buy the print edition first, you’ll get the Kindle edition for free. It’ll perk out to other online portals after the on sale date, so will only be available for pre-order at Amazon.