Great Start to Weekend

Happy news this morning from Amazon. Woo HOO!

The Beauty Bride by Claire Delacroix, first in the bestselling trilogy of medieval romances The Jewels of Kinfairlie.

Amazon has made The Beauty Bride free, although there’s no telling how long that will last. This is the first book in my Jewels of Kinfairlie series, and was called “a lyrical medieval-era romance” by Publishers’ Weekly. Madeline and Rhys’ book is already #11 in free historical romance and #200 in free overall. (Wow!) You can read an excerpt on my website right here, or go straight to Amazon to grab your copy right here.

One More Time by Deborah Cooke

And One More Time is sticking to the charts! This morning, it is #38 in paid romantic comedy on Amazon, which is pretty cool. You can read an excerpt on my site right here, or go straight to Amazon to buy a copy right here.

This is starting the first weekend of summer off right!

November Readers’ Contest

Well, it’s getting darker here this month, which means it’s the perfect time for a gothic romance. This month’s prize for readers is a signed trade paperback copy of the new edition of THE ROGUE.

You can read more about THE ROGUE on my site, right here.

To enter, all you have to do is make a comment on this post. Tell me why you like dangerous heroes. As usual, for every 25 entries, I’ll choose another prize. The winner will be chosen at the end of the month.

Good luck everyone!


I am home again, which feels particularly impressive given the progress of Sandy on the east coast. (I was in NYC.) I had a wonderful time at the Novelists Inc. conference, saw lots of friends, made some new friends and learned a tremendous amount. My brain is bursting with new ideas, so I’m in that curious place of being both invigorated and exhausted. (This is what conferences are all about.)

Many thanks to Kate, who graciously gave me a ride back to Toronto in her car when I realized that flying out of Newark yesterday would have been a bad idea.

While I was away, Amazon price-matched KOBO and made DOUBLE TROUBLE free. It reached #1 for Kindle free overall, which is fantastic, and remains at #1 Kindle free contemporary romance. Woo HOO!

I’ve been nominated for Author of the Year at Grave Tells and you can vote for both your favorite author and your favorite book on their site this week, right here.

KISS OF FIRE has been nominated for fantasy novel of the year at Authors After Dark’s Bookie Awards, as well, and you can vote for your favorites in many categories, right here.

Finally – and most importantly – if you and those you love are in the path of Sandy, please be sure that you are all safe.


THE BEAUTY BRIDE is now free at Amazon, as well as at most other portals. The exception is B&N, but I’m hoping the free price shows up there soon. There are links and an excerpt on my site, right here.

Most of you who stop by here have probably read the book already, but I’m hoping that this promotion will introduce the Kinfairlie family to some new readers.

Why is the process of going free complicated – or at least, time consuming? The issue is that on two of the bigger portals – Amazon and B&N – it’s not possible to directly set a price to be free. B&N will, however, accept a free price if the title is distributed through Smashwords with a free price. This is a bit odd, but there you go. So, I’m waiting on SW to push the price change through the distribution channel to B&N. It’s gone from there to Sony and Apple, so maybe the delay is on B&N’s end. (?) Either way, I hope it changes soon.

Amazon has to choose to match the free price that is offered elsewhere, which means they can choose to un-match at their discretion. It takes a while for a book to go free there (if it does) and there’s no telling how long the free price will last. I’m glad it’s free now. (The point being that if you want a Kindle edition, grab it soon.)

Every day the promotion lasts, there are more readers who get to sample Kinfairlie, and that’s all good.

A taste for experimentation is critical in these Wild West days of publishing!


Once again, I’m on a quest to make THE BEAUTY BRIDE free for readers. As this is the first book in my Jewels of Kinfairlie series, offering it as a free sample seems to work quite well. This time, it will stay free for a while, maybe for good.

As of right now, it is free at Apple, Smashwords, KOBO, and All Romance eBooks. (Links are here.) I’m hoping that B&N will make it free in the next couple of days.

The rumour is that Amazon will price match to either KOBO or Apple, so if you felt inclined to report a lower price to Amazon, that would be awesome. (I’d like it to be free at Amazon, too!) There’s a hotlink on the product page for each book, way down by the tags, where you can report a lower price. You’ll need to paste in the link for KOBO or Apple as part of the reporting process. I don’t have the Apple link on my site because the iTunes links change based on where you live – here’s the one for US customers.


Today, my contemporary romance and romantic comedy, DOUBLE TROUBLE, is free at Amazon. It will be free for Kindle through Saturday, using up all five days possible in the KDP Select promo in one go. DOUBLE TROUBLE is book #2 in my Coxwells series – I chose it for the promotion because it has better reviews thatn THIRD TIME LUCKY and some of the sites that announce these promos base their decisions to list or not list upon the review rankings. Here’s a link to info about the Coxwell series on my site.

And here’s the Amazon link.

These four books, btw, are all also available in new trade paperback editions, and those trade paperback editions are for sale on Amazon. I’ve not had any luck in getting Amazon to link the new print editions to the product pages for the books, though. To find them, you’ll need to search by title or go to my Deborah Cooke Amazon author page. It will look as if there are two listings for the books, but one is the Kindle edition (linked to the previous print editions) and one is the new print edition. The new print edition has the new cover. With any luck, that will be sorted out soon.

Lots of readers don’t like authors putting books in the KDP Select promotion, as it means that the book must be listed exclusively for sale at Amazon for 90 days and that it’s only free for Kindle when it goes free for five days during that period. On the other hand, going free everywhere is getting tougher to orchestrate with every passing week – because Amazon doesn’t always match a free price posted elsewhere. One upside to KDP Select is that the book goes free at all Amazon portals, so those of you shopping through Amazon UK or one of the other European portals can also pick a up a free copy. In contrast, price matching of a free price tends to be restricted by territory. If Amazon matches a free price listing on B&N, for example, they will usually only match it for US consumers as B&N only markets to US consumers.

So, here we go. Make sure you get your copy!