Solo una cita falsa is Free!

Today through May 8, Solo una cita falsa (which is the Spanish edition of Just One Fake Date) is free at Amazon! The entire Flatiron Five Fitness – Español series has been enrolled in KDP Select, which means you can read the series free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Just One Fake Date, book one of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke, Spanish edition

Tyler McKay tiene un plan…
Y no incluye una relación seria en el corto plazo.  Entre su trabajo diario y ser socio de Flatiron 5 Fitness, está ocupado invirtiendo en el futuro.  Pero Ty sabe que ir soltero a la boda de su hermana animará a los casamenteros de la familia: él necesita una cita falsa, rápido, en defensa propia.  Cuando la única mujer que lo odia entra en F5F, Ty sabe que ha encontrado a la candidata perfecta, que Shannyn no siga las reglas de nadie, solo deja a Ty con ganas de más…

Shannyn Hawke ha terminado con sus planes y sueños…
Ella tenía planificada toda su vida, pero todo salió mal.  Ahora, ella se está ocupando del número uno y vive el momento, sin preocuparse por el futuro.  Si su enamorado de la universidad quiere negociar una cita falsa para una boda por satisfacción física, Shannyn está de acuerdo. Pero solo una noche demuestra que Tyler es todo lo que ella cree que un hombre debería ser, y además él se toma como un desafío hacer que ella cambie de opinión sobre él.  Shannyn  no quiere que le vuelvan a romper el corazón, pero se está enamorando fuerte y rápido.  ¿Podrá ella recordar que es solo para aparentar?  ¿O Tyler convencerá a Shannyn para que vuelva a arriesgarse para siempre?

Esta es una traducción al español neutral de América Latina.

Solo una cita falsa está ahora en KDP Select: está disponible exclusivamente en Amazon y puedes leerlo gratis con una suscripción a Kindle Unlimited.

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Just One More Time in Portuguese

Só Mais Uma Vez, which is the Portuguese edition of Just One More Time, bok two of my Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances, is now available!

Just One More Time, book two of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke, Portuguese edition

Kyle quer tudo…
Kyle Stuyvesant não acredita em amor e romance. Seus pais lhe ensinaram que não existe o para sempre, e ele levou a lição a sério. Afinal, há apenas uma mulher que já o tentou a querer mais do que uma noite sexy juntos. Felizmente para suas convicções, ela é casada com outro cara. Problema resolvido – até que o marido de Lauren a trai e Kyle não é apenas o portador de más notícias, mas o homem que ela chama para conforto.

Lauren exige tudo de si…
Depois que o casamento de Lauren implode, ela quer se perder no prazer. Quem conhece esse território melhor do que Kyle, que uma vez a seduziu completamente? Lauren nunca esqueceu aquela noite maravilhosa e, agora que ela de repente está solteira, a regra de Kyle de nenhum amor ou romance tem um novo apelo. Tudo o que ela quer é satisfação, mas quando Kyle percebe que precisa de mais, ele será capaz de convencer Lauren a dar uma chance para o para sempre novamente, desta vez com ele?

When Annika Met Thom – Today!

Today’s the day! When Annika Met Thom, Flatiron Five Fitness #10, is available now.

When Annika Met Thom, book ten of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Annika is done with waiting…
She’s known since kindergarten that Leo is the one and as soon as she gets to New York, their shared future will begin. But she arrives to find out that Leo is avoiding her and has to make a deal with Leo’s grumpy but hot roommate, Thom. It’s amazing that he can make her simmer with just a glance—never mind that she forgets all about Leo in Thom’s presence. When she learns that Leo has dumped her for someone else, Annika realizes she has no tears to shed. Seducing Thom seems like the ideal way to make up for lost time—but can she persuade him that all she wants is to feel alive again?

Thom is prepared to wait for the good stuff…
He’s learned the hard way that romance on the rebound never works—and he won’t be burned again. He never would have expected to even like Leo’s fiancée, much less to find Annika just about perfect. Temptation is impossible to resist: not only are they sharing a small apartment, but they’re working together at F5F for the same two weeks—and Annika makes steady progress over his objections. Just when Thom realizes he’s falling fast, Leo tries for a reconciliation. It’s the same story all over again—but this time, can he convince Annika to choose a future with him?

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Just One Fake Date is FREE

Just One Fake Date, book one of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

Tyler McKay has a plan…
And it doesn’t include a serious relationship anytime soon. Between his day job and being a partner at Flatiron 5 Fitness, he’s busy investing in the future. But Ty knows that going stag to his sister’s wedding will encourage the family matchmakers: he needs a fake date, fast, in self-defense. When the one woman who hates him walks into F5F, Ty knows he’s found the perfect candidate—that Shannyn doesn’t play by anyone’s rules just leaves Ty wanting more…

Shannyn Hawke is done with plans and dreams…
She had her whole life mapped out, but it all went wrong. Now, she’s taking care of number one and living in the moment, with no concern for the future. If her college crush wants to trade a fake wedding date for physical satisfaction, Shannyn is in. But just one night proves that Tyler is everything she believes a guy should be, plus he takes it as a challenge to change her mind about him. Shannyn never wants to have her heart broken again, but she’s falling hard and fast. Can she remember that it’s just for show? Or will Tyler convince Shannyn to take a chance on forever again?

“JUST ONE FAKE DATE is a story of family, friendships, business and love; of heartbreak and revelations; of acceptance and hope. The premise is engaging and inviting; the characters are stubborn, quirky, and energetic; the romance is spicy and moving.”

—The Reading Cafe

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you can download your free copy at BookFunnel.

Deborah Cooke decided to re-write the first book of the Flatiron Five Fitness with a new female lead for Tyler, Shannyn Hawke, with a whole new plot… I liked it a lot. I liked the chemistry between Shannyn and Tyler, I enjoyed watching Tyler fight for a real relationship with her, and the passion was great between the two… I loved how the story flowed and concluded. Overall, so much better start to a series that was awesome!”

—Rendezvous with a Romance

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Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3

The pre-order is up at some portals for the third Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set, coming in December 2022! The copy will probably change because I don’t love it yet – I have time to tweak it! – but the links are live now.

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3, including books 7 - 10 of the contemporary romance series by Deborah Cooke

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3 includes the final four books in the series: Just Home for the Holidays (Hunter and Chloe), Just One Silver Fox (Jacquie and Pierce), Just the Wrong Twin (Sonia and Nate) and When Annika Met Thom.

In Just Home for the Holidays, Hunter volunteers to be Chloe’s fake date to her mother’s charity event. Cautious Chloe presents him with a list of rules, which just means he has to break every single one. It’s not just the principle, but the best way to keep F5F’s problem solver from digging into his secrets—but once Chloe realizes Hunter hates Christmas, she won’t rest until she knows why.

In Just One Silver Fox, Jacquie takes a chance on Pierce, the hottest silver fox at F5F. Pierce wants more than a night, but Jacquie won’t risk her heart again. Can Pierce convince Jacquie to believe in the future again, with him?

In Just the Wrong Twin, Sonia indulges in one night with Nate before he leaves the club forever. But Nate can’t resist Sonia or his own need to protect her from the shadows of her past. Drawn to each other repeatedly, these two unveil each other’s secrets, heal old wounds, and find a love for all time—if they can both trust in its power.

When Annika Met Thom is the story of the couple who started the legend of finding romance at Flatiron Five Fitness. When circumstances compel Thom to share his apartment with his former roommate’s jilted girlfriend and her pet ferret, the powerful attraction between them can’t be denied. But Thom doesn’t believe in happiness and forever—can Annika change his mind in just two weeks?

Flatiron Five Fitness Boxed Set 3 includes the final four books in the series: Just Home for the Holidays (Hunter and Chloe), Just One Silver Fox (Jacquie and Pierce), Just the Wrong Twin (Sonia and Nate) and When Annika Met Thom. Return to Flatiron Five Fitness for more heartfelt and steamy contemporary romances!

Coming in December 20, 2022