Another Kauni Cardigan

the Elrond Sweater, knit by Deborah Cooke in Kauni EffektgarnKauni Effektgarn is a self-striping yarn with long gradations of color which I like a lot. It feels kind of rough when you knit it but you wash it after knitting, and hey presto, it fulls and becomes amazingly soft. Plus the colours rock.

Years ago, I knit a sweater out of this yarn for Mr. Math that I called the Elrond Sweater. (That link will take you to my blog post about it.) I used the colorway that is all blues for the background and the rainbow colorway for the second color. I had to break the blue section out of the rainbow because it disappeared against the background. I also broke out the lime to knit the I-cord all around the edges. (It still irks me that the zipper is slightly offset.) Mr. Math wears this all the time.

Hippocampus Mittens in Kauni EffektgarnLater I used up the bits in two pairs of Hippocamus mittens. That’s the Ravelry link to the pattern. They don’t quite match, but they’re close enough.

Ever since I finished the sweater for the mister, I’ve wanted to make one for myself. I started one before, but stalled after knitting the back (because it’s a kimono style and hmm.)

This year I started another cardigan.

The pattern is The Oa by Kate Davies, which is written for a much thicker yarn. It’s also a pullover with raglan sleeves, but I want a cardigan with regular sleeves. So, the pattern is more of an inspiration than a set of instructions.

I’m using solid black as the contrast to the rainbow colorway. (I’m not sure Kauni was making the solid colors when I knit Mr. Math’s sweater.)

Here’s the back of my sweater:
Back of sweater in Kauni Effektgarn knit by Deborah Cooke

It’s huge because I’ll toss the finished sweater into the washing machine when it’s done. This will full and soften the yarn and will also shrink the sweater. (I’m really hoping I made my calculations correctly!)

Here’s a detail shot of the hem. My idea is that there’s a border with the colorways reversed, along the hem and up the front on either side of the opening.
hem of sweater knit in Kauni Effektgarn by Deborah Cooke

Now, I’ve started the front. I’m knitting the two fronts in one piece to keep the rate of the color changes roughly the same as the back. I’ll steek the fronts when they’re done. (It’s possible that I didn’t continue with the Kauni Roan because there was steeking to be done. I’ve never done a steek. This sweater will probably be the first steek for me.) The rate of the color change will be slightly different because 1/ there are 7 stitches more on each row, because there are 7 stitches between the two fronts for the steek and 2/ the inverted bands of color running up each side of the center front will mean that the rainbow is used at a quicker rate than on the back. I’m curious to see how much different the color comes out. This is still the best way I can think of to have them as close as possible to being the same.

The only way to make the fronts and the back exactly the same is to knit the sweater in the round, as I did with Mr. Math’s sweater. I wanted the blocks of each color to be wider on this one though, so compromises must be made. 🙂

I can’t even think about the sleeves. I knit Mr. Math’s top-down to make sure they matched. I’ll cross that proverbial bridge when I get to it. 🙂

What do you think?

A New Hat

I haven’t shown you any knitting lately because I haven’t finished many projects. I have a number of bigger ones on my needles and they just go on and on.

BUT, I did finish this hat. It’s very fuzzy and soft. The best way to block a beret is on a dinner plate, which is where it is here:
Selbu Modern knit by Deborah Cooke in Misti Alpaca Sport and Rowan Mohair HazeThe pattern is Selbu Modern, which is a free download. I’ve knit this pattern before, but I gave the hat away without taking a picture. It’s an easy pattern to follow. I used stash yarn for it – Misti Alpaca Sport in dark purple (this yarn is discontinued) and Rowan Mohair Haze in bright pink.

The combination is fun and bright for those winter days. I realized as I was knitting that I’ve worked in this colour combination before – I made a pair of gloves in two shades of Kidsilk Haze (more fuzzy mohair!) but seldom wear them because they don’t go with anything else. That’s solved now! Here they are:

Striped Glvoes in Rowan Kidsilk Haze knit by Deborah Cooke

What have you been knitting lately?


Stashbusting — Or Not

A few weeks ago, I knit a hat out of yarn from my stash. It was a great quick project which used up some bits and ends of wool, and I liked the resulting hat a lot. (Here’s the post on it.) In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to knit another one, using up even more bits in my stash.

Skye in Rowan Colourspun, knitted by Deborah CookeThe yarn I chose to use was left over from the Skye vest I knit for Mr. Math in Rowan Colourspun. I love the colours and he loves the vest—plus it’s very soft and warm.

Here’s the post on the Skye vest.

I used that red from the ribbing for the main colour of the hat. I had less than one ball of it left, but I’d used less than a ball of the main colour for my grey hat, so I knew that was enough. I also used some left over Felted Tweed from my Bute cardigan (which I ended up giving to my Mom.)

Here’s the post on the Bute cardigan.

Here’s the second hat, alongside the first one:

Fair Isle hats knit by Deborah Cooke

I LOVE this hat. I love the colours and the way they combine. In fact, I love them so much that I wanted to make myself a vest in these same colours and stitch pattern. Colourspun is a discontinued yarn, so that meant (ha) that I had to buy the yarn immediately. I could only find that red at one store, in fact. (Insert knitter’s panic.) I bought more than I really needed, then, because if I run out, THERE WILL BE NO MORE.

So, my stashbusting plan resulted in my using up half of a ball of red Colourspun—then buying six more. I don’t think that’s how stashbusting is supposed to work! What do you think of my hat?

Fuzzy Hat

There’s a hat on the cover of Vogue Knitting this fall, the new edition, and I’ve knitted one.

Vogue Knitting Fall 2016 issueFirst, here’s the issue of VK and the hat in question. I’ve linked it to the VK site but it will only display this magazine until the next one is published. The magazine page has rotating content, just FYI.

The hat is in the Modern Fair Isle article, which has some lovely patterns. (If you scroll down and click on the image of the hat, some alternate views will be displayed in a pop-up window.) The hat is knit of Rowan Felted Tweed and was designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone, inspired by some traditional Shetland hats in the museum there. I immediately liked the colors of the hat, so bought the magazine based on the cover. My Grey

My grey Bohus-inspired pullover is on the needles in Rowan Felted Tweed and Colourspun (it was also a design featured on the cover of VK that prompted me to buy the magazine) so I thought I’d make a hat to match – right now, the sweater is in that endless stockinette phase. I needed some instant gratification and this was it.

I didn’t want a hat of that shape, though.  Here’s my finished hat:

Hat knit in Colourspan and Rowan Felted Tweed by Deborah Cooke

I followed the pattern until the fair isle section was finished, then knit another row. After that, I began to decrease like this:

Row 1 – *K10, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 2 – Knit
Row 3 – *K9, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 4 – Knit
Row 5 – *K8, K2tog, Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 6 – Knit
etc., until there are 12 stitches left. K2tog all around, pass the end through the remaining stitches and bind off.

It fits perfectly and is very warm. I think I’m going to knit another one in different colours, since I have a lot of scraps of Colourspun and Felted Tweed. What do you think?