Fallen, an urban fantasy romance featuring a fallen angel hero and book one of the Prometheus Project by Deborah CookeWith the publication of Maeve’s Book of Beasts, it’s clear that a lot of my other paranormal heroes are living in the world of Dragonfire. As a result, I’ve created some new tabs and moved some pages onto this site.

You’ll find the Prometheus Project living under the new tab Angels (which are really all Fallen Angels), and Coven of Mercy is living under another new tab called Vampires.

The Prometheus Project is a complete four-book series set in a dystopian future featuring fallen angel heroes, but there’s a dead fallen angel at the beginning of Maeve’s Book of Beasts. I think it’s fair to assume that he has something in common with my future-set angels. That series begins with Fallen – I hope you like Montgomery as much as I do!

Coven of Mercy, a vampire romance and short story by Deborah CookeCoven of Mercy is a short story and vampire romance. Micah, the hero of that story, has a cameo appearance in Maeve’s Book of Beasts, and Sebastian – the vampire and continuing character in DragonFate – is a reluctant member of Micah’s coven.

The Dragonfire Novels, the Prometheus Project and the Dragons of Incendium are moving into Kindle Unlimited this month. Coven of Mercy and An Elegy for Melusine (which explains Mel and Raymond’s backstory) are already there.

So, if you’re interested in my paranormal romance (and urban fantasy romance) hop on over to the Dragonfire Novels website and follow that blog.

Interview at The Reading Frenzy

Abyss, book #4 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire DelacroixDebbie Haupt at The Reading Frenzy blog was one of the readers who was most disappointed that by the end of my urban fantasy trilogy, the Prometheus Project, Tupperman hadn’t had his HEA. She wasn’t alone in that. I wanted Tupperman to have his HEA, too, but I didn’t know what his story was for a few years. As most of you know, Tupperman’s story is told in my most recent urban fantasy romance, Abyss.

Deb interviewed me for her blog, and the interview is posted today, right here.

Come on over!

February Reader Contest

It’s time for another reader contest. This month’s prize is a signed trade paperback copy of Abyss, the new and fourth book in my urban fantasy romance series, The Prometheus Project.

Abyss, book #4 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire Delacroix

All you have to do for a chance to win is comment on this post. I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month. As always, my contests are open to international entries, and for every 25 entries, I’ll add another prize book.

Good luck!

Abyss On Sale

Abyss, book #4 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire DelacroixTupperman’s story Abyss is available! Phew – I’m glad to see this one published. Because it’s a bit shorter than the others in the series, the price is a bit lower. 🙂

At the beginning of the 22nd century, humanity has survived a challenge to its survival and has commenced the task of rebuilding. An elite corps of fallen angels called the Watchful Host remains in the earthly realm to help—but someone is hunting them.

Once the angel Turiel, Tupperman chose to remain in this realm after his mission was completed in order to aid the Watchful Host. When he is framed as the person behind the deaths of the soldiers, Tupperman knows not only that he will be sacrificed next, but that it’s time for his final quest. His only clue is a stone, which leads him to New Mexico—and a woman who enchants him completely. Tupperman never counted on finding love, nor that his mission would include a challenge from a dark force and known cheat. Can he save Kara and complete his quest, or will taking Lucifer’s wager cost him the woman who has claimed his heart?

ABYSS is book #4 in my Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances. Read an excerpt right here.

Buy Abyss now at All Romance eBooks, Amazon, or Createspace. More links to come…