The Crusader’s Bride is free

The Crusader's Bride, #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe Crusader’s Bride is free from today through the 26th at Amazon. The entire Champions of St. Euphemia series is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a subscriber, you can continue the adventure free.

This book is also available in audio, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, and the audiobook is in wide distribution. There are links below, as well as an audio sample.

Gaston battled for duty and honor—until his new wife tempted him to fight for her love.

When the Templar knight Gaston learns that he has inherited his father’s estate in France, he accepts one last quest for the order and agrees to deliver a package to Paris on his way home. A practical man, Gaston knows he has need of a wife and an heir, so when a lovely widowed noblewoman on pilgrimage snares his gaze, he believes he can see matters solved to their mutual convenience.

But Ysmaine is more than a pilgrim enduring bad luck. She has buried two husbands in rapid succession, both of whom died on her nuptial night, and believes herself cursed. Accepting this gruff knight seems doomed to result in his demise, but Gaston is dismissive of her warnings, and Ysmaine finds herself quickly wed again—this time to a man who is not only vital, but determined to survive.

Neither of them realize that Gaston’s errand is one of peril, for the package contains the treasure of the Templars—and some soul, either in their party or pursuing it, is intent upon claiming the prize at any cost. In a company of strangers with secrets, do they dare to trust each other and the love that dawns between them?

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The Crusader's Bride, #1 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix is also available in audioBuy Audio Book
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The Crusader’s Kiss for 99 cents!

The Crusader’s Kiss, #3 of the Champions of St. Euphemia series of medieval romances is on sale for just 99 cents from today through February 27.

The Crusader's Kiss, #3 in the Champions of St Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixHis dream of becoming a knight achieved, Bartholomew heads home to avenge his parents—only to find himself hunted and in need of the assistance of a most unlikely and unpredictable ally. Anna seeks justice with a disregard for the law that shocks Bartholomew, but the bold maiden’s tactics are as effective as her kisses are seductive. Does she truly wish to aid him in regaining his legacy, or is she using him as a pawn in some scheme of her own?

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Cover Variations

I’ve had the covers updated for two of the Champions of Saint Euphemia books. As much as I liked them initially, in thumbnail versions they weren’t as snappy as I’d like. I had the designer make a couple of changes.

First off, The Crusader’s Heart. In the old version, her dress was white. In the new one (which will be on the book) it’s gold:
ClaireDelacroix_TheCrusadersHeart200And then, The Crusader’s Vow. In the old version, her dress was brown and the cover overall looked a bit dull when it became small. In the new version, her dress is purple and the background has changed to a winter scene:
ClaireDelacroix_TheCrusadersVow200What do you think?

Writing Plans for 2015

It’s going to be a busy, busy year. 🙂

Now you’ve been warned. Let’s have a look at what’s on the schedule for me for 2015.

For years, I’ve alternated between series, because that keeps my view of the world of the books fresh. It also means, though, that linked books are published about 8 months apart. I’m going to try to switch that around this year, because you all seem to like to see linked books published in closer succession. This is the Big Challenge.

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah Cooke1 • Firestorm Forever

This is #11 in my Dragonfire series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shape shifter heroes, and the big wrap-up of the Dragon’s Tail Wars. It’s Sloane’s book—because the Apothecary has to heal the world—and will be published in March. You can read an excerpt right here or download one from my online store, right here.

This book is getting big, as there are lots of loose ends to tie up, but it’s NOT the end of my dragon shifter stories. It’s the end of the Dragon’s Tail Wars, but I’m not nearly done with the Pyr.

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix2 • The Champions of Saint Euphemia

This is a new series of linked medieval romances, following the journey of a company of knights home from Jerusalem. They’re each going back to Europe for their own reasons, but have accepted a quest to deliver a chest to Paris. They don’t know until they’re on the road that someone wants the contents of that chest badly enough to kill for it—and they don’t know each other, much less who to trust.

The Crusader’s Bride is the first in this series, and will be available in May. I’m hoping to publish this series in fairly rapid succession. (Fingers crossed.) You can read an excerpt from this book on my website, right here, or download a longer one from my store, right here.


3 • Beyond the Champions

The schedule beyond the Champions of Saint Euphemia gets a bit murky, mostly because I’m not sure yet how long those books will be. The books, though, are perfectly clear to me. It’s likely that some of these projects will slide into 2016, but after the Champions comes:
Dragonfire Legend, a trilogy of historical romances featuring the Pyr
A Dragonfire Companion, which will be published simultaneously with Dragonfire Legend
• A new contemporary romance series – details to come
• A new medieval romance series set at Inverfyre – details to come

Now you can see why I need to stay home and write in 2015! I’ll also be mixing up some backlist titles into new boxed sets – which could count either as promotion or as writing plans. You can find out about the first one of those for 2015 in tomorrow’s post.