More Paperback Editions

Bad Case of Loving You, book #6 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeUntil about two years ago, I was creating two editions of each of my paperbacks. One was published through Createspace (an Amazon company) and made available to Amazon stores. The other was published through Ingrams and made available everywhere else. The two editions were the same, except that there were slight differences in the width of the cover spine, probably because the two print-on-demand outlets use different paper for the interior pages. (At one point, I also created editions at Nook of some books for B&N stores, which also have slightly different spine widths, but don’t see enough sales on those editions to justify paying the designer to tweak the spine, so I’ve stopped doing them.)

About two years ago, Amazon began merging Createspace (the POD publishing platform) into KDP (the ebook publishing platform) which made a lot of sense. Many indie books are available in both POD and ebook, and creating both through the same portal, with the same metadata, and reporting sales for both in the same place was a good plan IMO. Also the Createspace interface was older. The KDP interface was being updated, so the print update was rolled into that. Authors could migrate their titles from Createspace to KDP. There were some (inevitable, in such a big transition) hiccups, but ultimately, Createspace was closed to new content.

Unicorn Bride, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix, 2019 new editionSince then, I chose to create my print-on-demand editions only at Ingrams, and have them distributed everywhere. Another variable was that I’ve been creating mass market sized paperbacks and during the initial transition, KDP didn’t support this format although Createspace had.

Recently, writer friends have shared that their Ingrams-print edition is showing a delayed delivery on Amazon – of about 60 days. Also, the Ingrams editions aren’t eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime, which is a big deterrent to Amazon Prime shoppers. So, this week, I added KDP print editions for the books that didn’t have them before, just for the Amazon stores. They’re all going live now, and as they do, the Amazon edition will replace the Ingrams edition on the same link in the Amazon store. (This is because they have the same ISBN.)

So, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer and you’ve been holding off on buying print copies of these titles for your keeper shelf, now’s the time!

Under the Mistletoe, a contemporary Christmas romance and #4 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah CookeBad Case of Loving You


Spring Fever

One Hot Summer Night

Under the Mistletoe

The Mercenary’s Bride

The Runaway Bride

Unicorn Bride

Maeve’s Book of Beasts


Shiny New Books

I received some more books from LightningSource today, and am very happy with the results.

We compared the POD print editions of The True Love Brides books from Createspace and LightningSource a while back, right here. Now, I’ve received copies of the last three Dragonfire books:

DFN_LSThey’re hard to photograph because the covers are glossy (the TLB covers are matte) but which is which? It’s impossible to tell – except for two things. The prices are on the back on the LightningSource editions AND (following the advice of other authors) I used the cream paper inside on these LightningSource books. That makes them the same thickness as the Createspace ones.

I also received this book from LS today:
The Crusader's Bride by Claire DelacroixThe Crusader’s Bride, book #1 in my new medieval romance series! I went with the glossy covers on this series at both suppliers because I think the matte finish makes the covers a bit darker. I still hadn’t seen the cream interior paper, so this one has white paper. A lovely book. I’m very pleased.

And now, I’ll work on getting Chapters/Indigo website listings for all four of these books…

A Tale of Two PODs

I told you recently about my quest to get print editions of my new indie-published titles listed on the Chapters/Indigo website. Part of the solution was to make those titles available through another print-on-demand portal. I was using Createspace, but now have made the True Love Brides available through LightningSource as well. This is a new edition, with a different ISBN#, but otherwise the books are the same.

The finished books don’t look that different from each other. The Createspace editions are on the left and the LightningSource ones on the right. (The Highlander’s Curse DOES look different but it’s not a fair comparison. My last copy from Createspace has the glossy cover but it’s now matte, and the LightningSource cover is matte. The photograph looks really different because the finish reflects the light differently.)

There are slight variations – The Warrior’s Prize is a little darker on the right book, and The Renegade’s Heart is a little more yellow, but this is within the tolerance of different print runs. They look pretty much the same.The Ture Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix in print editionsThey do feel a bit different, though, and that’s because of the paper. The paper used by LightningSource is thinner, and I like the thicker Createspace paper better. I also like the Createspace cover stock better. Here are the LightningSource editions on the right and the Createspace ones on the left – see how that little bit of difference adds up over 300 pages per book! The Ture Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix in print editionsThere is one other difference that had to happen for the books to be stocked at Chapters/Indigo – they had to have the retail prices printed on the back cover. Here you can see the LightningSource cover on the left and the Createspace one on the right. The Ture Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix in print editions

When you use the cream coloured paper for the interior pages at Createspace, it makes the spine wider because the paper is thicker. I hear through the grapevine that the cream paper through LightningSource is the same thickness as the white paper from Createspace. I’m giving that a try with the three Dragonfire books currently in production at LightningSource and will show you how that comes out. They’ll also have glossy covers, just like those Dragonfire books do from Createspace.

The first three True Love Brides books are already listed for sale at Chapters/Indigo and there have been some orders filled already. I’m curious to see whether any other booksellers make these editions available. Time will tell!

The Crusader’s Bride will be my first title to be published simultaneously at both Createspace and LightningSource. Those books are both in production now.