Christmas with the Coxwells

Here’s a fun addition to my list, thanks to a suggestion from a reader here on the blog. I’ve written a Christmas story featuring the Coxwells, which brings us up to date on all their doings and sets the stage for the books featuring the younger generation. Jimmy (who now calls himself JD), Johnny (who goes by Jonathan) and Annette will be the first to have their stories told. You’ll find a bit of foreshadowing about their stories in this Christmas short story, too.

Christmas with the Coxwells will be available Wednesday December 12. There’s no pre-order at Amazon, but it will probably be available there on Tuesday.

Christmas with the Coxwells, a short story featuring the characters in The Coxwell Series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeTwelve years have passed since events in All or Nothing and it’s time to check in with my favorite family again. When last we heard, Jen had opened a yarn shop, Zach had his first photography show, Matt had finished his first book, Leslie had left the college to teach at a new and smaller school and Annette was going to learn to drive the Jag. James had moved over to the D.A.’s office, Maralys had become a soccer mom and was pregnant, Nick was growing heritage seeds, and Phil was running her garden design business even as she expected her first child. Beverly had adopted a pair of standard poodles and was dating Ross, the veterinarian, and Matt was buying out his siblings’ shares of the family house, Grey Gables, in Rosemount. There have been babies and changes galore, so come and catch up with the Coxwells in this holiday short story.

Christmas with the Coxwells
Coming December 12

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Memes for Double Trouble

Since Double Trouble is free right now, I did some memes to use in social media to promote the sale. I thought I’d share them with you today, because I had such a lot of fun doing them and wanted to show them off. 🙂 You might have seen a couple of them already, but feel free to share any that you like. Double Trouble by Deborah Cooke freeThen I did some series ones, each one featuring a quote from one book in the series:

The Coxwells series by Deborah Cooke

The Coxwell Series by Deborah Cooke

The Coxwell Series by Deborah Cooke

Coxwells series by Deborah Cooke

All or Nothing on Sale

My contemporary romance, All or Nothing (#4 of the Coxwell Series) is on sale this week.

All or Nothing, book #4 of the Coxwell series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke (writing as Claire Cross)I thought Zach and Jen’s story would be a good book to have on special in October or November, because it begins with a Thanksgiving dinner, and ends at Christmas.

“Five hearts! Tender, sweet, and a lot of fun. A highly recommended read.”
The Romance Studio

“Five blue ribbons! A fantastic book.”
Romance Junkies

All or Nothing is usually $4.99, but it’s on sale for $0.99 from today through October 26 at Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo.


“For a fast-paced, captivating story of romance, family relationships, and following your heart, Double Trouble is not to be missed.”
Romance Reviews Today

DOUBLE TROUBLE is on sale! This week, you can buy this full length humorous contemporary romance from Amazon for just 99 cents. It’s usually priced at $4.99. Here’s the Amazon link so you can get your copy.

Going Direct to B&N

I am in the midst of changing the source for my books on B&N. This applies to the backlist titles that I’ve republished, and will affect new titles coming directly from me. The transition will be mostly invisible to you, except over the next week or so.

First of all, why make a change at all? The main concern is for the long term. In the past, I’ve used Smashwords for distribution to B&N. In changing over to a direct feed, my new books will be available for sale more quickly on B&N: instead of there being a 6 – 8 week delay after the books are available on Amazon, this will ensure that releases are available on both portals within days of each other. That makes me smile. From my end, it will also mean more prompt reporting and payment – that also makes me happy. From your end, the ISBN#’s will change on the Nook editions – from Smashwords ISBNs to my own ISBNs, assigned to Deborah A. Cooke.

In the short term, when the new edition goes up and before the Smashwords one comes down, I thought you’d see both editions. That’s what happened at KOBO. It turns out, though, that B&N’s software must be set up to default to the directly-fed version. As the new editions are being published, they are replacing the Smashwords ones in the listings. How cool is that?

Isn’t it nice when things go more smoothly than you expect?

You’ll find three of the Coxwells at B&N now. DOUBLE TROUBLE won’t be there until November.