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The Snow White Bride, third in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire DelacroixMy medieval Scottish romance, The Snow White Bride, is on sale for just 99 cents at most online portals through the 30th of the month.

The Laird of Kinfairlie has helped his sisters, each a gem in her own right, to find husbands. Now the laird himself seeks to wed, and pins his hopes on The Snow White Bride.

Lady Eleanor knows better than to dream of romance and love. Married twice to secure her father’s alliances, she has learned that she is desirable only for her fortune. When the Laird of Kinfairlie’s sisters ask her to wed their brother, Alexander, Eleanor agrees, expecting only to save herself from danger.

But Alexander is like no man she’s known before, a man more interested in courting her smile than her obedience, a man who values her counsel as much as her newly awakened passion…and a man unaware that Eleanor is the key to a fortune that could ensure the future of
everything he holds dear.

Now, ruthless enemies will stop at nothing to secure Eleanor’s capture. Will she dare to trust her new husband before it’s too late for her, for Alexander, and for Kinfairlie?

“Delacroix provides an excellent end to a terrifically captivating series.”

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A #1 Kindle Bestseller

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The Beauty Bride, first book in the Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances by Claire Delacroix

The Snow White Bride is the third book in my Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy—remember that book #1, The Beauty Bride, is free.

The digital bundle, The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set, is discounted to $5.99 through the 30th, as well.

Remember also that this entire series is available in audio.


The Snow White Bride, book #3 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy of Scottish medieval romances by Claire DelacroixDear Reader;

The Snow White Bride is the third in my Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy. After Alexander marries off his two eldest sisters, they decide to get even and make his match – with the alluring and mysterious Eleanor. I love this story, how Alexander falls in love when he feels he has other responsibilities to tend first, and also how Alexander heals Eleanor’s heartache with his patience and love. The finale of this book is a scene that I’ve always loved. This pair have persisted in my thoughts ever since they first took life beneath my typing fingers, so I’m particularly happy to send their story back out into the world again.

My original plan had been to give Rosamunde her own book, but that was not to be. For years, I heard from readers who were worried about her fate in the caverns beneath Ravensmuir, so it was wonderful to be able to finally tell Rosamunde’s story in her own novella. “The Ballad of Rosamunde” was published in the Mammoth Book of Irish Romance, but it was edited for space constraints there. Rosamunde’s entire story – because I know you want it all! – is now available digitally. It has also been included in this print edition of The Snow White Bride as a bonus read.

Many of you will be happy to hear that the adventures at Kinfairlie is continuing with a new series called The True Love Brides. The True Love Brides is a four book series, telling the stories of the next four Lammergeier siblings and their respective quests for true love – it’s not a spoiler to tell you ahead of time that all will get their Happily-Ever-Afters! I’m really enjoying my return to Kinfairlie and medieval Scotland, and hope that you will enjoy these books, as well. The Renegade’s Heart is the first book in this new series and will be available in spring 2012.

As with all of my re-releases, I’ve chosen not to revise The Snow White Bride, but to republish it pretty much the way it was published in the first place. There may be a few typos missing in this version, but otherwise it is very similar to the original.

I’ve enjoyed revisiting The Snow White Bride, and catching up with the Kinfairlie clan all over again. I hope you enjoy reading it, as well.

Until next time, I hope you are well and have plenty of good books to read.

All my best,

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