Nook & NINC Sale

Snowbound, #1 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeThere is a NOOK sale featuring first-in-series books from authors who are members of Novelists Inc starting today – which includes yours truly. 🙂 It’s called the Nook Book Bash.
Using the discount code, you can get first-in-series books free. This includes Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke, The Crusader’s Bride by Claire Delacroix and Snowbound by Deborah Cooke. The cool thing about this sale is that you can then save 25% on the second book in that series. There are lots of other books too, so have a look. Remember to use the discount code.
Nook also has a reading app but this sale code (which you apply at checkout) won’t work when you shop from a mobile device or an app, just FYI.
The landing page for the Nook Book Bash (which goes through Feb 28) is right here.

More Audio Distribution for the Jewels of Kinfairlie

My audiobooks have been moving into wider distribution this year, but I’ve fallen behind on sharing links with you.

All of the Jewels of Kinfairlie audiobooks are now available at multiple portals, including B&N and Indigo. (Something strange has happened with The Snow White Bride at Indigo, but the metadata people are fixing it. It’ll be there soon.)

Read an interview with narrator Saskia Maarleveld.

Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at blackstone Buy at Downpour Buy at Barnes&Noble Buy at Chapters Indigo Buy at Deborah's Selz store

Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at Blackstone Buy at Downpour Buy at Barnes&Noble Buy at Chapters Indigo Buy at Deborah's Selz store

Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at Blackstone Buy at Downpour Buy at Barnes&Noble

Buy at Audible Buy at iBooks Buy at Buy at BlackstoneBuy at Downpour Buy at Barnes&Noble Buy at Chapters Indigo


Nook Gook

It appears that my Claire Delacroix books have issues in their Nook editions, available from B&N. Some readers have posted complaints that the books are blank, which certainly isn’t what they thought they were buying!

The Nook PubIt interface has been very glitchy since the beginning of December, when Nook sales were opened to the UK. I have tried repeatedly to upload the new covers for THE COUNTESS, THE BEAUTY, THE TEMPTRESS, BQII Boxed Set, THE ROGUE, THE SCOUNDREL, THE WARRIOR, Rogues of Ravensmuir Boxed Set and THE RENEGADE’S HEART. It has consistently refused to process them.

The strange thing is that when I log in, the changes appear to have been saved. (?) Today, I had a better look around and discovered that it HAD updated the covers on the site. The issue is that the files appear to be blank, so the technical issue must have been in the conversion of the file onsite. This is really strange. I checked out the preview and it was fine, but then was told that the update couldn’t be processed.

I’m pretty annoyed right now, as I expect some of you have been. I’ve removed the books from sale that have complaints posted in the reviews. It appears to be the Bride Quest books and the Rogues of Ravensmuir books, as well as all four boxed sets. The boxed sets might be an issue for a different reason, in that the files are large. I don’t see any complaints for THE RENEGADE’S HEART so have left it on sale – if you have had issues with that Nook file, please let me know.

Fortunately, I’m right in the midst of having ALL files made beautiful by a professional formatter. When she’s done, I’ll upload them again.

I’ll let you know when that happens. Thanks for your patience – it should be soon. 🙂


Going Direct to B&N

I am in the midst of changing the source for my books on B&N. This applies to the backlist titles that I’ve republished, and will affect new titles coming directly from me. The transition will be mostly invisible to you, except over the next week or so.

First of all, why make a change at all? The main concern is for the long term. In the past, I’ve used Smashwords for distribution to B&N. In changing over to a direct feed, my new books will be available for sale more quickly on B&N: instead of there being a 6 – 8 week delay after the books are available on Amazon, this will ensure that releases are available on both portals within days of each other. That makes me smile. From my end, it will also mean more prompt reporting and payment – that also makes me happy. From your end, the ISBN#’s will change on the Nook editions – from Smashwords ISBNs to my own ISBNs, assigned to Deborah A. Cooke.

In the short term, when the new edition goes up and before the Smashwords one comes down, I thought you’d see both editions. That’s what happened at KOBO. It turns out, though, that B&N’s software must be set up to default to the directly-fed version. As the new editions are being published, they are replacing the Smashwords ones in the listings. How cool is that?

Isn’t it nice when things go more smoothly than you expect?

You’ll find three of the Coxwells at B&N now. DOUBLE TROUBLE won’t be there until November.