Red Door Reads

One of the fun things that happens at NINC is meeting up with some friends, and catching up on their news. This year, I was talking with Claudia Dain and Deb Marlowe. (Okay, we were in the Tiki Bar and there were drinks on the table!) I knew they had started Red Door Reads a few years ago, but thought there was a local connection to their group (and I’m not local). Well, there isn’t, and they invited me to join them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.34.22 AMI’m excited to become a “Reddoorian”, not just because it will provide some new promotional opportunities but also that it will ensure that I keep in better touch with these writer friends when we aren’t meeting in person. Wow, do these writers have plans! I’m still catching up, but look for more news about my involvement with RDR.

I have two profiles on their site, one for Deborah Cooke and one for Claire Delacroix. Those pages are done, but my books are still being moved into the various other tabs. They have a newsletter that goes out near the end of each month, as well.

This is going to be fun!