Well, this is embarrassing. I learned this past weekend that I’d uploaded the wrong interior file for Just Home for the Holidays to Amazon in December. I uploaded Just One Fake Date instead.

I haven’t made that mistake for about three years. :-/

I’m really grateful for the reader who contacted me, saying she’d expected Hunter and Chloe but got Tyler and Shannyn instead.

The issue is for books purchased between December 19 (when I thought I uploaded the version with updated links in the endmatter) and January 16.

I uploaded the correct file on Saturday and asked Amazon to push it out to all customers. They’ve agreed, so if you bought the book there, you should get a notification of an updated file being available, or it might just appear on your device (depending on your settings.) If you don’t get the file in the next week or so, please contact Amazon customer support.

The new file will over-write the existing file, but you don’t have to lose Just One Fake Date. That book is currently free at Amazon, so you can just download it as a separate book product.

I am sorry for the mix-up.