Diving In

My website is past due for an update, and I’ve made that a priority for 2022.

The plan is that all of my websites will be amalgamated and all of my books will live on this site. The urls I own will be repointed to this site. It also means updating the links in many ebook interiors, as the landing page urls for each book will change.

Delacroix.net website now
DragonfireNovels.com website now

I need to change the theme, since mine isn’t supported anymore—which means the banners will need to be resized. That’s not a big deal since I update them all the time anyway, but it’s why there aren’t new ones done for Q1 yet.

Things may get wonky or downright ugly at intervals, items may vanish and reappear, but it’ll be beautiful by the end. (Ha. It vanished last night, didn’t it, but now we’re back.) In the end, it’ll also be a lot easier to manage one site rather than three. I’m diving in!