ACX for Canadian Authors

Today’s the day so many Canadian indie authors have been waiting for! ACX is now open to authors in US, UK, Canada and Ireland. 🙂

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is a portal that helps indie authors create audiobooks of their work and distribute them. There are many many (many!) voice samples there from narrators all over the world, and you can request auditions – that’s when narrators read a sample of your book, so you can hear their interpretation of it. You can contract for the audiobook through ACX and once the book is done, distribute it to Amazon, Audible and iBooks.

ACX has a blog post today about this new opportunity for Canadian and Irish indies: you can find it right here.

The Snow White Bride in Audio

The Snow White Bride, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix   The Ballad of Rosamunde by Claire Delacroix, a short story and medieval romance in audio

The audio editions of both The Snow White Bride and The Ballad of Rosamunde are in their final prep for publication, and should be available soon. These were also narrated by the wonderful Saskia Maarleveld and I’m very happy with both productions.

This means that my entire Jewels of Kinfairlie series of medieval Scottish romances are in audio editions.

While you’re waiting for them to become available, you can listen to the audio sample for The Snow White Bride, right here.

Or catch up on the Jewels of Kinfairlie series in Audio.