Dragonfire Quest Boxed Set is 99¢!

From today through May 24, the Dragonfire Quest boxed set – including the first three full-length Dragonfire novels – is discounted from $9.99US to just 99¢!

Dragonfire Quest, the first Dragonfire digital bundle including Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury and Kiss of Fate of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke Dragonfire Quest is the first digital bundle in The Dragonfire Novels: The Complete Series and includes the three books that launch the Dragon’s Tail Wars between the Pyr, dragon shifters pledged to defend the treasures of the earth, and the evil Slayers, dragon shifters bent on destroying both the Pyr and the humans they protect.

In Kiss of Fire, dragon shifter Quinn Tyrrell is caught between the firestorm with his destined mate, Sara Keenan, and his hereditary responsibilities as the Smith of the Pyr. But Quinn has learned to be skeptical of his fellow dragon shifters and it’s only when the evil Slayers target Sara that he realizes he needs the help of his own kind. Can pragmatic Sara be persuaded to believe that she’s his destined mate and the foretold Seer of the Pyr? Can Quinn win Sara’s heart before it’s too late for them, their firestorm, and the Pyr?

In Kiss of Fury, Donovan Shea, the dragon shifter assigned to defend scientist Alex Madison from the Slayers who have killed her partner, is surprised by the spark of his own firestorm. Donovan has no interest in commitment, especially one who has nightmares about dragons. All the same, there’s something special about Alex, something that feeds a heat in Donovan beyond that of the firestorm. Can they work together to save her invention, the Green Machine, without surrendering to the firestorm’s demand? If they embrace the promise of a future together, will the Slayers attack Alex again?

Dragonfire Quest, the first Dragonfire digital bundle including Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury and Kiss of Fate of the Dragonfire Novels series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

In Kiss of Fate, Erik Sorensson, leader of the Pyr, has to confront past failures when he has a second chance at true love. Outspoken and independent Eileen Grosvenor isn’t what Erik expects in a mate, but he admires her creativity and her resilience. Eileen has her doubts about trusting a dragon shifter, but when she’s targeted by Slayers for the treasure she’s claimed, having a good dragon on her side sounds like a plan. Can Erik and Eileen learn to work together to triumph in time—over Slayers, the wounds of the past, and even their own assumptions?

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Entwined Series

In the Midnight Hour, book #3 of the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeMy two current contemporary romance series have tangled timelines: both Flatiron Five and Secret Heart Ink are set in the same fictional world, and their stories mingle in terms of timeline. The idea is that a tattoo shop opened at F5. Secret Heart Ink follows the stories of people who get tattoos there.

Snowbound (book #1 of Secret Heart Ink) happens after In the Midnight Hour (Flatiron Five #3): In Damon’s book, In the Midnight Hour, Chynna’s tattoo shop is under construction. Snowbound begins during the shop’s opening night. The chronology of the two series is entwined after that, and some characters appear in both series – if you want to read in the order of events, this would be your reading list for the two series:

Snowbound, #1 of the Secret Heart Ink series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeSimply Irresistible

Addicted to Love

In the Midnight Hour


Some Guys Have All the Luck

Spring Fever

One Hot Summer Night

Going to the Chapel

Under the Mistletoe

Bad Case of Loving You

You can read Secret Heart Ink without reading Flatiron Five, and vice versa. You can read the two series in order separately, one after the other – I’d read Flatiron Five first in that case.

The Secret Heart Ink books are shorter reads and so far, they’re set in a small town. Flatiron Five are longer reads and mostly set in Manhattan. If you want to give Secret Heart Ink a try, Snowbound, which is book #1 in that series, is currently on sale for 99 cents at all major portals.

Double Trouble, book #2 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah CookeWhere do we go from here? Well, I have some more entwining to do. 🙂 After Theo’s book, all five of the partners at F5 will have had their stories told. There’s also a natural break in Secret Heart Ink after Chynna’s story is published. I want to continue in this world, because I love it, so there will be a new F5 series starting next year, probably next summer. I have MANY ideas about that, but one of the coolest ones came from a reader who commented right here on the blog. James and Maralys’ kids from Double Trouble (Jimmy, Johnny and Zoë) are all grown up now and living in New York. (Who knew?) They’ll be part of the new series – which means I’ll be opening the can of worms of all their cousins in Boston, too. I’m really looking forward to that. And yes, Double Trouble is a free read, so this is a good time to grab a copy and meet Maralys, whose attitude will have a big legacy. (Ha.)

I’ll tell you more about the new F5 series as the pieces fall into place.

The Coxwells on the USA Today Bestseller List

I have some very exciting news to share. The Coxwells Boxed Set made the USA Today bestseller list when it was on sale. Philippa, James, Matt and Zach clocked in at #134 on the list, which is just thrilling.

Thanks to all of you who grabbed a copy of this bundle during the sale. You’ve made one of my dreams come true. This is the first time my contemporary romances have made the list and the first time I’ve had an indie-pubbed title on a list. Woo HOO! I’m so pleased.


The Coxwells Boxed Set on the USA Today bestseller list June 2017

And thanks to IndieReader for telling me. 🙂 The bundle was also #9 on their bestseller list:

The Coxwells Boxed Set at #9 on the IndieReader bestseller list June 2017

You can see the USA Today bestseller list for the week right here.

BookBub Bestselling Romance at iBooks

The Last Highlander, a Scottish time travel romance by Claire DelacroixBookBub is currently running a promotion featuring bestselling romance reads at 99 cents at iBooks through the 22nd. They’ve included my Scottish time travel romance and romantic comedy, The Last Highlander, in this promotion, which is sweet. 🙂

Follow the iBooks link to the iBookstore to get your copy of The Last Highlander and also to see what else is on sale.

Buy at iBooks

I’ve also made Morgan and Alasdair’s story 99 cents at Amazon and B&N, as well as in my online store. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy, here’s a good chance to do so!

The Last Highlander 99 cent sale

Scotland, 1314: After the Scots reclaim Edinburgh Castle, Alasdair MacAuley only wants to celebrate. But the revels are interrupted by an old crone who claims the castle’s true owner is the legendary witch Morgaine le Fee. Dared by his fellow warriors to go meet the witch, Alasdair heads down a flight of stairs — and tumbles right into another century…

Scotland, 1998: American Morgan Lafayette is in Scotland to enjoy the history, not to ogle men in kilts. So when she stumbles upon a brawny man in a kilt, she is less than enthralled. She is certain he’s drunk for he claims Morgan is a powerful sorceress who has brought him to her magical kingdom! Despite her reluctance, she is intensely drawn to this handsome Highlander and the mystery surrounding him, a mystery that has the power to alter history — and her heart — forever…

Finalist – Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence
for Best Paranormal, Fantasy or Time Travel Romance

“A delight… the taste… will linger on your tongue!”
The Toronto Star

Reader letter from the new edition.

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