Wyvern’s Mate Promotion

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeOn Friday, I had a BookBub ad for Wyvern’s Mate at its 99 cent promotional price. So, on Saturday—as usual—I tabulated the first day’s results. This is the first promotion for my Dragons of Incendium series, so the results were particularly interesting to me.

At Amazon, Drakina and Troy’s book rose to #436 overall paid in the Kindle store, which is pretty cool. It was #5 on the Science Fiction Romance list, #9 on the Kindle Science Fiction Romance list, and #19 on the Werewolves and Shifters PNR list.

Wyvern's Mate at Amazon.com on Saturday January 7, 2017

Let’s look at what else was on those lists. Here’s the Science Fiction Romance list:Wyvern's Mate on the Science Fiction Romance list at Amazon.com on January 7, 2017

What’s interesting to me is that Wyvern’s Mate is the only book that isn’t enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. The other interesting thing is the difference in the books—Ivoth features dragon shifters in space, so I have something in common with that book, while Bella Forrest’s series is tagged as YA. #6 is a thriller, so this list is more of a mixed bag than I might have expected.

Here are the bestsellers in Science Fiction romance, the Kindle list. (And no, I don’t understand the difference between the two lists, but there is a difference since different books appear on this second one.) Wyvern's Mate on the Bestseller list in Kindle Science Fiction romance on January 7, 2017

Again, the majority of the books are enrolled in KU – it’s just me and Nora on our own little non-KU team, which isn’t bad company at all! Riddle’s books appear to be more action/adventure, and Nora’s book has a wolf-shifter heroine. What you can’t see here is that #10 is Outlander. Again, more of a  mixed bag than I’d expected.

My screen isn’t big enough to capture the entire list for Werewolves and Shifters, but the same pattern is shown there. It’s me and Nora and Ilona Andrews who are non-KU, and those are the only three books that aren’t in KU out of the top 20. This list looks how I expected—lots of man-chest, familiar author names in PNR and SFR, titles with “mate”, vampires, bear-shifters, wolf-shifters and dragon-shifter protagonists, just mostly KU.

Wyvern's Mate on the bestseller list for Werewolves and Shifters in PNR at Amazon.com

And away to the other portals. At B&N, Wyvern’s Mate was #67 overall in the Nook store.

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Bestseller list at B&N on January 7, 2017

It was #19 on the Romance bestseller list:

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

And #2 on the Paranormal Romance bestseller list. You can see that the other books making the list are ones you might expect, from authors you might expect. (Hi Eve!)
Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Paranormal romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

Wyvern’s Mate was also #4 on the Science Fiction and Fantasy bestseller list at Nook.

Wyvern's Mate on the SFF bestseller list at Nook on January 7, 2017

Let’s visit KOBO next. Wyvern’s Mate was #4 in Paranormal romance, #5 in Science Fiction romance and #24 in Contemporary romance. (Okay, that last one surprised me.)

Wyvern's Mate at Kobo on January 7, 2017

And the individual lists look like this. Here’s the PNR bestseller list at Kobo:

Wyvern's Mate on the PNR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Look at all those dragon shifters!

And the SFF list:
Wyvern's Mate on the SFR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Hello again, Eve. 🙂

Wyvern's Mate on the top 100 bestselling romance list at Apple on January 7, 2017And away we go to Apple, for our last stop. Wyvern’s Mate was #85 on the Top 100 Bestselling Romance list at Apple, which makes me pretty happy. Contemporary romance pretty much owns that list and I don’t think there are subordinate lists specific to various sub-genres, so being on that list was pretty cool.

So, there’s my summary of first-day results. Some interesting details there, and things to think about. THANK YOU to everyone who grabbed a copy of Wyvern’s Mate during the sale. It’s still 99 cents, so you have time to pick up a copy if you haven’t done so yet.

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Kinfairlie Knights just 99 cents

My boxed set Kinfairlie Knights is on sale for just 99 cents!

Kinfairlie Knights, a digital bundle of three medieval Scottish romances, all first in a series, by Claire DelacroixKinfairlie Knights
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Claire Delacroix’s fictional medieval Scottish estate of Kinfairlie and its sister holding of Ravensmuir are the location for many of her bestselling medieval romances. Included in this digital bundle are three first-in-series medieval Scottish romances: The Rogue, The Beauty Bride, and The Renegade’s Heart.

In The Roguebook #1 of the Rogues of Ravensmuir trilogy—Ysabella’s estranged husband returns to beg for her help. Does she dare to trust Merlyn again, knowing that he stirs her passion as easily as he hides his truth? In The Beauty Bride—book #1 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie series—Madelyn flees her arranged marriage to a notorious outlaw, only to be pursued, wooed and seduced by Rhys FitzHenry. Can she save him from the legacy of his own past? In The Renegade’s Heart—book #1 of the True Love Brides series—Isabella is intrigued by the bold knight who makes accusations against her own brother. When she follows Murdoch to discover the truth, she finds herself enraptured by his touch and determined to defend his cause. Can her love save Murdoch from his curse and see justice served, too?

Come to Kinfairlie, for adventure and romance, passion and pageantry, and loves that will endure for all time.Kinfairlie Knights, a digital collection of three medieval Scottish first-in-series romances by Claire Delacroix

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Buy a Historical NewsletterKinfairlie Knights, a digital collection of three medieval Scottish first-in-series romances by Claire DelacroixJess Michaels runs a weekly newsletter called Buy a Historical that features historical romances, both new releases and sale titles. She also has drawings for gift cards and e-readers on the list. I told you about it last week, when she included a mention of  Highland Heroes. Today’s newsletter includes a mention of Kinfairlie Knights since it’s 99 cents, so I’m reminding you to subscribe.

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Highland Heroes Today!

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All or Nothing is #1!

All or Nothing, book #4 of the Coxwell series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeYesterday, I had a BookBub ad to promote my contemporary romance All or Nothing for 99 cents. I love this book because the hero and heroine challenge each other. Zach Coxwell has always been the black sheep of his family, the guy with charm to spare who never seemed to care about much of anything. Jen is a cancer survivor who hasn’t really started living again. I like how these two spark from their first meeting and provoke each other. It’s no spoiler to tell you that Zach discovers that he cares about Jen enough to risk everything, and that Jen steps up to take a chance on life again with Zach’s encouragement. They’re wonderful together, IMO, and not just because she knits. 🙂

This was a terrific promotion, and the results this morning are so wonderful that I want to share them. Again, we’ll have a look at the differences between territories and portals, because that kind of stuff fascinates me.

First of all, there are great results at Amazon and some weirdness, too.
All or Nothing is #43 overall paid in the Kindle store, which is pretty awesome.
All or Nothing at Amazon.com on October 8, 2016What’s odd is that the book is categorized as contemporary romance, but wasn’t included on the bestseller list for that category.

In the UK, it’s even more strange. Zach and Jen’s book is #308 paid overall in the Amazon.co.uk store, but it’s not categorized as fiction at all. All the sites use the same metadata, the metadata in which the book is categorized as a contemporary romance.
All or Nothing at Amazon UK on October 8, 2016
In Canada, All or Nothing is #18 overall paid, and it’s appearing in the Holiday romance category.
All or Nothing at Amazon.ca on October 8 2016
In Australia, the metadata is being interpreted the way I expected. All or Nothing is #40 paid in the Kindle store, and #8 in contemporary romance.
All or Nothing at Amazon AU on October 8 2016
At Barnes and Noble, something magical has happened: All or Nothing is #1 overall in the Nook store!
All or Nothing at B&N on October 8, 2016It’s #5 on the contemporary romance list there, too.
All or Nothing at B&N on October 8 2016

At Kobo, Zach and Jen’s book is #6 in contemporary romance, #8 in romance and #2 in humorous fiction, which is pretty cool.
All or Nothing at Kobo on October 8 2016
At Apple, Zach and Jen’s book is #8 overall in books at the iBooks store:
All or Nothing at Apple on October 8, 2016

And it’s #3 in the Romance section there, as well.
All or Nothing at the iBooks store on October 8 2016What a wonderful suite of results! Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of this book yesterday. It’ll remain on sale until the 12th of October. Remember that Double Trouble, #2 in the same series, is free. There’s a Coxwell Series Boxed Set, too, which is $9.99 right now. Some portals don’t list the boxed set as part of a series, but it’s there!

Edited to add – after some coffee, I went looking for All or Nothing in the Kindle store. I found it at #1 in Holiday romance, as listed on the product page.
All or Nothing on October 8 2016 at Amazon.comI also found it at #5 in Romantic Comedy:
All or Nothing on the Romantic Comedy bestseller list at Amazon.com on October 8 2016And I found it where it belongs, in Contemporary romance, at #13:
All or Nothing on the Contemporary romance bestseller list at Amazon.com on October 8 2016

So, things aren’t quite so weird after all. 🙂

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set on Sale

The Time Travel Romance Boxed Set by Claire Delacroix

My Time Travel Romance Boxed Set is in a Kindle Countdown deal right now. It’s available for 99 cents at Amazon.com in the US, just until Sunday.


This digital boxed set includes four time travel romances and romantic comedies.

In Once Upon a Kiss, a practical businessman discovers a sleeping beauty on his newly acquired Scottish property: not only does Aurelia complicate the renovation of Baird’s newest boutique hotel, but she thaws his heart and threatens to claim it forever.

In The Last Highlander, an illustrator’s research trip to Scotland takes a turn for romance when a handsome rogue of a 13th century Highlander insists that only she can send him home again and vows to whatever is necessary to win her favor. Soon Morgan finds herself torn between helping Alasdair and wanting to keep him forever.

In The Moonstone, a medieval knight allows a pretty condemned witch to make one last wish, never imagining that her sorcery will work. She drops her magical charm, and as a man of honor, he can only pursue her and ensure justice, wherever she has fled. But when Niall finds Vivian in a world filled with possibilities and passion, will he be able to resist the temptation to stay?

In Love Potion #9, a divorced father getting his life on track again finds intriguing complication with his beautiful and passionate new neighbor, a fortuneteller convinced they have a second chance at destined love. Mitch soon wishes that Lilith is right, but then her reincarnated lover really returns.

Four magical stories of love conquering the barrier of time!

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The Crusader’s Bride on Sale

It’s time for this month’s sale! From today through January 2, my medieval romance, The Crusader’s Bride is on sale for just 99 cents. If you haven’t joined the adventure of the Champions of Saint Euphemia yet, now’s the time!The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire Delacroix

Gaston battled for duty and honor—until his new wife tempted him to fight for her love.

When the Templar knight Gaston learns that he has inherited his father’s estate in France, he accepts one last quest for the order and agrees to deliver a package to Paris on his way home. A practical man, Gaston knows he has need of a wife and an heir, so when a lovely widowed noblewoman on pilgrimage snares his gaze, he believes he can see matters solved to their mutual convenience.

But Ysmaine is more than a pilgrim enduring bad luck. She has buried two husbands in rapid succession, both of whom died on her nuptial night, and believes herself cursed. Accepting this gruff knight seems doomed to result in his demise, but Gaston is dismissive of her warnings, and Ysmaine finds herself quickly wed again—this time to a man who is not only vital, but determined to survive.

Neither of them realize that Gaston’s errand is one of peril, for the package contains the treasure of the Templars—and some soul, either in their party or pursuing it, is intent upon claiming the prize at any cost. In a company of strangers with secrets, do they dare to trust each other and the love that dawns between them?

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Reader Letter from The Crusader’s Bride.

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