New Flatiron Five Boxed Set Coming Soon

It’s time for the first Flatiron Five boxed set! This bundle includes the first three romances in the series, and will be specially priced at just 99 cents for the pre-order and the first week on sale. Pre-order is only available at some portals, although it will be available everywhere on January 21. Reserve your copy today!

Flatiron Five: The First Collection, a digital bundle of the first three contemporary romances and romantic comedies in the Flatiron Five series by Deborah CookeFlatiron Five: The First Collection includes the first three contemporary romances and romantic comedies in the Flatiron Five series featuring the founding partners at the hottest fitness club in Manhattan. They haven’t had time for love—and some of them think they never will—but that’s about to change…

In Simply Irresistible, Tyler is sure that a fake date will be the ideal answer to his family’s inevitable matchmaking efforts at his sister’s wedding. He likes to solve things himself and keep control. He chooses a cute woman who works in his office building—he calls her the librarian because of her conservative appearance, but Amy has a lot of surprises in store for Tyler when she lets down her hair. In fact, her unpredictability and verve makes her irresistible: what will it take for Tyler to convince Amy to make their relationship real?

In Addicted to Love, Kyle’s assumptions are challenged by the one-who-got-away. He’s always known that Lauren was the only one for him, but she married someone else. He’s been content to play the field and intends to continue for the duration—until Lauren gets divorced and calls him, but just for a one-nighter. Kyle is shocked that’s he’s the one who wants more, but Lauren is skeptical of all men, thanks to him and her ex. Can he change her mind about giving him a second chance?

In In the Flatiron Five: The First Collection, a digital bundle of the first three contemporary romances and romantic comedies in the Flatiron Five series by Deborah CookeMidnight Hour, Damon is struggling with his mother’s terminal illness and hasn’t confided in his partners. He takes refuge with a compassionate nurse, more than happy to teach her therapeutic massage—and follow wherever that leads. Haley loves unravelling secrets and she’s found a treasure trove of them in enigmatic Damon. If she helps him heal from the wounds of the past, can they have a chance at forever?

Come to the hottest club in Manhattan for three emotional contemporary romances and romantic comedies. Come to Flatiron Five and fall in love!

Coming January 21, 2020

This bundle will be specially priced at 99¢ only through January 25. Be sure to reserve your copy today!

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99-cent Halloween Reads Promotion

Madeline Martin's 99¢ Halloween Romance Sale October 2018Something Wicked This Way Comes, #1 of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

Madeline Martin is featuring historical romances with spooky elements on her website this week. Each story is priced at 99 cents for the promotion. You’ll find Something Wicked This Way Comes on the landing page, as well as a lot of other historical romances perfect for Halloween reading.

The landing page is right here.

The sale lasts through October 28.

Happy shopping!

Spooky Special

Fallen, #1 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Deborah CookeIt’s that time of year again! My urban fantasy romance, Fallen, which is book #1 of the Prometheus Project, is on sale for just 99 cents through November 10. If you haven’t read Lilia and Montgomery’s story yet, here’s your chance.

At the end of the 21st century, the future of humanity hangs in the balance, caught between the radioactive waste of a half century of nuclear wars and the repressive authority of the Republic. Angels sacrifice their wings to join a secret fraternity of freedom fighters, risking classification as mutants and consignment to the Republic’s slave dens. Each warrior is a volunteer, but no angel anticipates the full cost of his fall.

The eyes of the Republic are everywhere.

Lilia Desjardins has never played by the rules and she isn’t about to start when her estranged husband’s death is declared an accident. Lilia knows Gid better than that, and if anyone is owed justice, it’s the most decent man she’s ever known. She leaves all she knows to risk the dark heart of the Republic—only to discover that her deepest secret has been uncovered and will be used against her by forces unknown.

Adam Montgomery will do anything to complete his earthly mission and return to the existence he knows, even if he has to seduce the enigmatic Lilia Desjardins. But when his contact is murdered and he must rely upon Lilia’s silence to save him from the slave dens, Adam knows that his wings might be only his first sacrifice.

As danger and intrigue surround them, Lilia and Adam realize they must work together—body, mind and soul—in order to save the world.

“Beautifully written, intensely passionate and gripping, FALLEN grabbed me from the first sentence and didn’t let go. It’s Matrix, Blade Runner and Terminator rolled into a riveting love story and made better. Perfect. A must-read by an author who keeps you on the edge of your seat.”
Linnea Sinclair
Award-winning author of Shades of Dark

Book Buyer’s Best Award
for Best Paranormal, Time Travel or Fantasy Romance

Buy Fallen now!

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Back to Reading Promotion

Back to Reading PromotionThere’s a second promotion running this weekend, which also features free and 99 cent reads. You’ll find All or Nothing, Wyvern’s Mate and The Beauty Bride included in this promotion along with many other books.

Again, this promotion features Amazon links, but you can find All or Nothing free at iBooks, too. The Beauty Bride is free at BookFunnel. Wyvern’s Mate is 99 cents at all portals, not just Amazon.

The landing page is right here. Happy browsing!

Book Boyfriend Giveaway

This weekend, I’m participating in the monthly Book Boyfriend Bed Hop promotion hosted by Shannyn Leah, which features over fifty free and 99-cent romance reads in a variety of sub-genres. You’ll find The Beauty Bride and Wyvern’s Mate among the offerings. In addition to the free and discounted reads, there’s a chance to win one of four Amazon gift cards. The promotion continues through April 16th.

Here’s the landing page. Have fun!

SFR Super Sale

February 2017 Space Kissed Science Fiction Romance Sale

This Space Kissed promotion features science fiction romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, or books in any of those categories with a strong romantic element. Books are 99 cents and there are links for all major portals. You’ll find Wyvern’s Mate in the listings. You can also win one of two Amazon gift cards.

This promotion runs from February 13 -20 and here’s the landing page.

Find some new reads that are out of this world!

Kinfairlie Knights Promotion

On Sunday, I had a BookBub ad for my Kinfairlie Knights boxed set of medieval Scottish romances. Today, let’s look at the results. (I hope you find this as interesting as I do.)

Overall, this promotion was pretty amazing.

At Amazon US, Kinfairlie Knights reached #129 overall paid in the Kindle store, as well as #1 in Medieval Historical Romance and #1 in Scottish Historical Romance. Just as with the list for Wyvern’s Mate, there are a lot of Kindle Unlimited titles, but this time, they all seem to be the kind of books I’d expect to find in the bestseller list for the category.

Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon US January 9, 2017

















At At Amazon UK, my bundle rose to #656 overall paid  in the Kindle store, as well as #2 in the Scottish Historical romance and #2 in the Medieval Historical romance categories. Let’s look at my list neighbours there:

Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon UK January 9, 2017

At Amazon CA, Kinfairlie Knights rose to #22 overall paid in the Kindle store (wow!), as well as #1 in Scottish Historical romance, #1 in Medieval Historical romance and – a surprise ranking – #1 in Supernatural Mystery. Maybe that’s because The Rogue is a Gothic romance with suspense elements, and The Renegade’s Heart has paranormal elements.
Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon CA January 9, 2017

At Amazon AU, the rankings were different again. The book rose to #58 overall paid in the Kindle store, and #2 on the Historical Romance list. (Yay!)
Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon AU 9, 2017 Kinfairlie Knights at Amazon AU January 9, 2017

I was pretty much shocked when I visited B&N to find Kinfairlie Knights sitting on the index page for the Nook store, at #4 overall! That’s fabulous!

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

I dug in a bit more to that, because it’s good news. Here’s the same data displayed on the B&N Top 100 Nook books page:

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

You might have noticed that #1-#3 aren’t romances, so it’s not a huge surprise that my book was at #1 in the romance section. Hi, Nora!Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017

And there’s Kinfairlie Knights again, at #1 in the Historical Romance section at Nook. Nice company there. 🙂

Kinfairlie Knights at B&N January 9, 2017


Next, I went to Kobo to check on results there, and found more good news – #1 in Historical romance and #1 in Paranormal romance.
Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

I hopped into those two bestseller lists to check out my company – I don’t know Lecia but we sure were neighbours on historical romance lists this past weekend.

Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

And these two books don’t show up in all the screenshots, but they were both list neighbours for Kinfairlie Knights in multiple places.


Kinfairlie Knights at Kobo January 9, 2017

Kinfairlie Knights at the iTunes store US on January 9, 2017

And finally, at Apple, Kinfairlie Knights was #13 on the Romance bestseller list.

What an absolutely terrific promotion this was! Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of Kinfairlie Knights for just 99 cents. If you didn’t do that yet, it’s still on sale.

Also, you might want to look for Highland Heroes, another bundle of three medieval Scottish romances of mine, which is also 99 cents right now.


Wyvern’s Mate Promotion

Wyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah CookeOn Friday, I had a BookBub ad for Wyvern’s Mate at its 99 cent promotional price. So, on Saturday—as usual—I tabulated the first day’s results. This is the first promotion for my Dragons of Incendium series, so the results were particularly interesting to me.

At Amazon, Drakina and Troy’s book rose to #436 overall paid in the Kindle store, which is pretty cool. It was #5 on the Science Fiction Romance list, #9 on the Kindle Science Fiction Romance list, and #19 on the Werewolves and Shifters PNR list.

Wyvern's Mate at on Saturday January 7, 2017

Let’s look at what else was on those lists. Here’s the Science Fiction Romance list:Wyvern's Mate on the Science Fiction Romance list at on January 7, 2017

What’s interesting to me is that Wyvern’s Mate is the only book that isn’t enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. The other interesting thing is the difference in the books—Ivoth features dragon shifters in space, so I have something in common with that book, while Bella Forrest’s series is tagged as YA. #6 is a thriller, so this list is more of a mixed bag than I might have expected.

Here are the bestsellers in Science Fiction romance, the Kindle list. (And no, I don’t understand the difference between the two lists, but there is a difference since different books appear on this second one.) Wyvern's Mate on the Bestseller list in Kindle Science Fiction romance on January 7, 2017

Again, the majority of the books are enrolled in KU – it’s just me and Nora on our own little non-KU team, which isn’t bad company at all! Riddle’s books appear to be more action/adventure, and Nora’s book has a wolf-shifter heroine. What you can’t see here is that #10 is Outlander. Again, more of a  mixed bag than I’d expected.

My screen isn’t big enough to capture the entire list for Werewolves and Shifters, but the same pattern is shown there. It’s me and Nora and Ilona Andrews who are non-KU, and those are the only three books that aren’t in KU out of the top 20. This list looks how I expected—lots of man-chest, familiar author names in PNR and SFR, titles with “mate”, vampires, bear-shifters, wolf-shifters and dragon-shifter protagonists, just mostly KU.

Wyvern's Mate on the bestseller list for Werewolves and Shifters in PNR at

And away to the other portals. At B&N, Wyvern’s Mate was #67 overall in the Nook store.

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Bestseller list at B&N on January 7, 2017

It was #19 on the Romance bestseller list:

Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

And #2 on the Paranormal Romance bestseller list. You can see that the other books making the list are ones you might expect, from authors you might expect. (Hi Eve!)
Wyvern's Mate on the Nook Paranormal romance bestseller list on January 7, 2017

Wyvern’s Mate was also #4 on the Science Fiction and Fantasy bestseller list at Nook.

Wyvern's Mate on the SFF bestseller list at Nook on January 7, 2017

Let’s visit KOBO next. Wyvern’s Mate was #4 in Paranormal romance, #5 in Science Fiction romance and #24 in Contemporary romance. (Okay, that last one surprised me.)

Wyvern's Mate at Kobo on January 7, 2017

And the individual lists look like this. Here’s the PNR bestseller list at Kobo:

Wyvern's Mate on the PNR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Look at all those dragon shifters!

And the SFF list:
Wyvern's Mate on the SFR bestseller list at Kobo on January 7, 2017

Hello again, Eve. 🙂

Wyvern's Mate on the top 100 bestselling romance list at Apple on January 7, 2017And away we go to Apple, for our last stop. Wyvern’s Mate was #85 on the Top 100 Bestselling Romance list at Apple, which makes me pretty happy. Contemporary romance pretty much owns that list and I don’t think there are subordinate lists specific to various sub-genres, so being on that list was pretty cool.

So, there’s my summary of first-day results. Some interesting details there, and things to think about. THANK YOU to everyone who grabbed a copy of Wyvern’s Mate during the sale. It’s still 99 cents, so you have time to pick up a copy if you haven’t done so yet.

Buy Wyvern’s Mate:
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