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2017 Reading Order Guide for books by Deborah Cooke and Claire DelacroixIn 2016, I published a reader guide for the first time as a free download. You all loved this resource, based on the number of downloads it had, so it’s been updated for 2017. Just like the first one, this little volume is thick with links. There are links to product pages as well as links to other content on my site that you might have missed—an out-take scene, family trees to download, audio samples, swag, upcoming booksignings. This year, I’ve added more books to it, as well as some new sections with suggestions for reading order. There’s section about tropes, for example, AND there’s a link at the end to a poll about world guides. I’d love if you had the chance to do the survey. I changed the cover so you’d know which version you have—the red guide is the 2016 edition and the purple guide is the 2017 edition.

You can download it free at:
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