Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion will include summaries of the books in the Dragonfire series, a complete list of characters, a glossary of terms, family trees and more.

Publication of this volume has been delayed.

Read more about that decision in this blog post.

6 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons

    • Yes, but it is for Dragonfire, not the other series (like Dragon Diaries). It has a character list with every character who has appeared in the Dragonfire series. It has summaries of the books. It has a glossary, and it will have family trees. (Yes, they’ll finally get done.) It might have a new short story. (Fingers crossed.) When we get closer to publication, I’ll confirm all the parts for you. This is the plan right now but there might be more.

      I’m thinking that I’ll have to do another world guide for the Dragon Diaries plus more when I write the additional books about the kids. First things first! Hope that helps.


    • Yes, 2muchreadinglind. All of my books will go up for pre-order in both print and digital at Amazon, but not until the final files are completed. There have been some issues this summer with the wrong files being delivered to readers on the on sale date at both Amazon and B&N, so I’m only going to give either portal the final book file. That will avoid mistakes! Look for those links to be live about two weeks before the on sale date. Remember that the print pre-order for my books at Amazon has only been available on so far – it perks through to .de and after the on sale date, as well as to other portals like B&N and the Book Depository – although that could change by November. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi Deborah, I wanted to ask about the heights of each of the Pyr when they shift into their dragon forms, but cannot find any information about it anywhere. I have sketched out a variety of dragons I imagined them to look like, but am confused on their actual size in relation to the humans. Will that type of information be in the companion too?
    Thanks, from a fellow dragon-lover.


    • Hi Kirsty – I’ve never specified how big the Pyr are in their dragon form, although many readers have asked. They’re bigger than us, for sure! In my mind, they’re 2 if not 3 times our height. Stating as much, though, creates problems with rooms and other physical spaces, particularly in the older books. (How did Quinn fit through that door in his dragon form?) So, I haven’t spelled it out and probably will continue to leave it to the readers’ imagination. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for reading my books!


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